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Thread: The end of the road - Calum's Road Ceilidh - Some piccies

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    The end of the road - Calum's Road Ceilidh - Some piccies

    Amanda and I got back late yesterday after a long days ride back from Raasay having experienced some top hospitality from and with some top peeps.

    Due to the weather conditions back in January at the begining of the Calum's Road ride we had been unable, as originaly planned, to set off from Raasay so the return there now, in May was to let us ride the road and finish the trip off propper, loike

    Heather (who runs the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust) was there along with some others connected with the charity and most of the riders. To those who couldn't make it a glass (or three ) was raised to you

    In no particular order then, some piccies.......................

    Raasay village hall and the dancing begins

    Nakamble shows us how it's done

    as does Paintman......

    ........Bhud and Katherine..............

    ....Thunder and Melanie Cheeks........

    .....and The Lovely Amanda and Katherine

    Paintman shares a joke

    Freeloader shares summit else

    and Mikey is just plain scared

    Meanwhile, the lambs look cute

    and it's still raining

    Back at the hotel, Johnny is caught red handed

    pretends to hold a tune (actually nae bad)

    and further supplies are sent for

    The Road......................

    Toad rides the road

    looking out for flying pigs all the way

    Arriving at the end of the Road we chat

    and get stalked

    The wonderful Heather.........

    And finally, the group photo thang is done

    Bhud, Mikey, Outtomunch, Sockpuppet, Nakamble & Thunder

    ............. the whole crew, Tossers, Horse and Donkey Trust peeps and the riders

    And's all your fault Johnny, if not on the ride in person, always there in spirit

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    Looks like a great weekend Andres.

    Well done once again.

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    Nice pics Andres, except for one, I'll leave you to guess which one I mean.

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    Enjoyed that Andres

    Thanks for sharing


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    I hope you all had a great time, Terry and I both wish we could have made the event but made do with raising a glass.

    John...all I can say about that outfit is NO!!!

    See you all soon I hope.



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    Good one Andres

    Some good action photography going there at the ceilidh. I like the artistic blurring to show movement and energy, it's just as I saw it in real life

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