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Thread: Bad news :(

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    Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....
    Quote Originally Posted by The Foolish Fellow View Post
    best wishes
    Well done Sid and Proff, plus the bosses, well impressed
    Keep it Fluffy...
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    glad he making some progress...

    "Grumpy" is progress in my book

    everything is crossed here for the lad!


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    Sid, if the Boss has to stay in Saf whales
    I don't mind spending the weekend in the kitchen helping
    out, as long as some one does my valve end floaty thing

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    Hi Sid, Ann. et al.

    Glad Pete is on the mend. Always in my thoughts, as you all are.

    Please don't fiorget I'll need a pickup at Tiverton Parkway on Friday at 1600, sorry to be a pain :-)


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    Sad news Sid hope BOTH your Sons recover.

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    Sorry to hear about Pete's predicament Sid it must have been awful, and here's wishing him a speedy recovery.
    Well done for pressing on regardless with the weekend, look forward to seeing you all again. I should be over early Fri. evening

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    get well soon

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    Normal service is resumed.

    Many thanks to all who have posted on this thread and sent me pm's with offers of help and advice. Sorry if I haven't replied to all but they have been read and noted. Its been another long day.

    We have now returned to Devon and are preparing for Wee-kend.

    Peter is making good progress and is in a stable condition. The ward Sister in the neurology ward in Swansea is wonderful and has promised she will keep a close eye on Peter. She thought he might be released to a quiet environment in Devon until we told her we had 50 drunken tossers coming to party at our house this weekend. At this revelation, she decided he might be better staying in the neurology unit under observation.

    He is stable and had second CT/brain scan today and they are happy that he doesn't need surgery. They will refer scans to unit in Cardiff but want to keep him under observation until at least Monday.

    Proff has advised that his son Chris has had his double hip op and is recovering in hospital but may also be kept in until after Wee-kend.

    Obviously our women folk may be called away at short notice to care for their "little baby boys" but there are enough of us to muck in to sort out the food etc. Anyone who complains about the timetable of food etc will be shot and buried in the woods (and you think I'm joking?).

    Things should be back to somewhat normal on Wednesday and we are back to full steam ahead for Gentlemen's Airhead Wee-kend.

    Many thanks

    Sid & Ann

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    Sid that`s excellent news.

    I`m really glad that Peter is okay and it must be an extra relief that surgery won`t be needed.

    Great stuff all round.
    Digitum Extractum.

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    That's really good news you two and good news about Chris too.

    Here's to a great Wee-Kend

    Val & Jill
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    and this as well...
    Brilliant news Sid.
    I didn't think Chris was going in until Monday?
    I hope both the boys make a speedy recovery.
    Don't worry about anything, I'm sure we can manage if you need to shoot off (possible poor choice of words!). Shall I bring a shovel to help with the digging?
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    Then I remembered. He doesn't ride a GS. Therefore he aint at the sharp end of Dudeness...
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    Glad to hear they are on the mend!

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    Excellent news for both sets of parents, must be a great relief for you all.
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    Great news for all

    Are you sure that the Ward Sister hasn't got her eyes on the young lad

    "It's ok, your lovely, young, soon to be health, good looking son is in good hands............(mutters under her breath......literally)"

    Best keep that comment away from the better half Sid or she'll be back there like a flash to keep an eye on him!!

    Nice to hear that Chris is doing well too, he's far less annoying than any other other hip replacement patient I've ever met. Come to think of it, I think I only know one

    Fat blokes bounce better

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    Bloody hell Sid and I was thinking nothing ever seemed to happen here...

    only just read the original posting, sorry to hear the bad news, but good to hear he's on the mend, it must have been a harrowing time for you all.

    All the best

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    Just caught up with this.....I'm so glad that your son is on the mend, Sid...what are your lads up to?...Trying to give their parents a heart attack between them?...!........

    And Proff's Chris is fine....'cos despite my best efforts, he's still sane and progressing very well...............
    I'd rather be scared to death than bored to death.....

    Enjoy everything...regret nothing......

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