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Thread: Thank you one and all

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    Oh yes, most enjoyable, and thanks to all those who assisted with my gearbox swap. The Rob Farmer rebuilt one brings me down to just the one neutral again

    The time and effort put in by Sid and Anne, Keith and Babs made for an excellent weekend.
    Sumprat spent most of his weekend working in the kitchen

    What bit of kit are you going to sell to me next year Proff?
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    Bollox yer nosey gits

    Thanks to the Airheads from the Stevensons...

    Well that was an occasion to remember
    As Sid has already stated, we were on verge of cancelling till our wonderful wives
    said no, you've been looking forward to this event, since last bike rode down drive after last year..
    So True
    Barb left 2pm on Saturday because Chris was being released from Hospital after moaning like hell, don't know where he gets it from
    Best Birthday prezzie Barb could have

    Thanks to ALL the attendees, you're a FANTASTIC Bunch
    we had one Surprise turn up
    TRIPPY On a Very Very nice Guzzi

    Lots of
    Some of you were not even as old as your bikes
    the WeeKend was a brilliant workshop event, loads of tasks being done over the 3 days
    Sheps bike went from loads of boxes to running, in 48 hours[ around 24 working]
    I hope we do another one, preferably without the traumatic previous week.....
    Also preferably NOT on Barbs birthday

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    Many thanks from Jill and I too. We had a cracking time

    As all above have said already. Hats off to Ann, Sid, Barb's, Proff and all those who helped make the Wee-Kend so good.

    Thanks to the Ural boys 'Steve and Rob' for putting up with all my questions and for a go in the chair
    Riding the old R69/67 brought back memories of riding my Dads own R69 of some years ago. Unfortunately 'despite talking to him for some time I didn't get the owners name My apologies and thanks for allowing myself 'and others' a short spin on such a lovely little bike.

    Great to see everybody known and new comers. Especially good to see the younger generation taking an interest in the Airheads.

    Thanks for another great wee-Kend from us both. See you again next year.

    Jill & Val
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    I'd also like to thank Ann,Sid, Proff and Barb's .. The whole experience was fantastic and I dont remember the last time I had a curry that good! Admittedly I almost couldn't remember that one due to the Cider!

    There was a great atmosphere and all of the advice and help was invaluable!

    This is the one event that I can honestly say I wont be missing each year!

    thanks again.. J

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    What a great weeKend! Hope we didn't make too much mess! Great amount of money raised too. Brilliant.

    Nice to put names to faces and as expected all top blokes and ladies

    Know a little more about the Ural now thanks to Tarks. Sadly I have already taken the gearbox and clutch off as my main seal failed on the way home Now why didn't that happen on the way down?!

    Thanks everyone - see you all next year!

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    and this as well...
    Thanks Ann, Sid, Barbara, Proff, Sumprat and everyone else for another fantastic weekend. Extra thanks to whoever ordered the weather - shame it wore off before reaching home though.

    Looking forward to next years event.
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    great wee-kend!

    fabulous event, superbly organised

    pics to follow.

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    Brilliant wee-kend yet again thanks to Sid and Anne proff and Barb, and all the back room bods too Stars one and all. See you all again next year.

    Thank you. Lyn.
    PS: arrived home at 1850 wet through shoulder aching like mad, DITTO the leg. What a wee-Kend

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    I'd just like to add another BIG thank you for a superb event, especially to Sid and Ann, Proff and Barb. None of what we all experienced and enjoyed would have been possible without all their hard work and preparation. That we raised a good sum for Callum's road too is excellent

    Seeing Shep's bike up and running, parked up outside should be an inspiration to all. Bikes that can be built using spanners.

    Good to meet so many of you discerning Tossers........... until the next one

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    Well,I can only echo what others have said already.

    Big,big thank you to Sid and Ann for the invitation and trust in strangers to allow us all to spend a weekend at their fantastic home.
    And for letting us use the 'wobbly box' which made the weekend a comfy and special birthday one for Glambabe.
    Big,big thank you to our mega chefs Ann,Barbara and Simon (and any others I don`t know of)...the food was absolutely superb throughout.

    Mucho appreciation to Proff for giving Glambabe her quad lesson.
    Ditto to Ann for Megan`s horse riding tuition.....she`s still grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

    Extra thanks to everyone for including Glambabe (Lorraine) and Megan in conversation and making them part of the crew....and what a really pleasant surprise the birthday cake was!!!
    They send their thanks but I`ll try and get them online soon.

    I think we should also all congratulate ourselves too.....such a motley selection of people from all walks of life and many different regions,with not a crossed word or problem all weekend.
    But isn`t that the 'biker thing' through and through?

    Well done all....and here`s to next year !
    Herr Smogbob's Number One

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    Good food, good beer, good company, good weather, fantastic wee'kend. what else can i say appart from thank you sid for confiscating the unicycle and showing me how to smash things with it properly and also preventing me from doing any more damage to any one or thing I dont know if my back and neck ache is from trying to ride the unicycle or throwing myself over the handlebars (removing my screen the quick way) and also visiting various shrubs and bushes around the enduro course in the woods while following flipfly on the quad .
    Jaffa cakes, knob cheese, chocolate bikkies as they have never been eaten before sunshine monkeyjuce, flyingchairs, not being able to get to sleep cause i was sniggering like a girl at the snoring chorus

    Brilliant weekend thank you everyone
    and thank you sid, proff, Babs, ann, sumprat and the other helpers for making it happen and i wish both peter and chris a good and quick recovery

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    Sorry to miss you, Sid and Barb, (Happy Birthday btw)...Sid had gone out on the rideout and Barb was springing Chris from my hospital ward.....

    Paul and I rode a grand total of approx 25 miles to get there.....what fab roads...and had a very nice afternoon meeting up with the spannering crew....

    Thank you Keith, for the exhilarating ride on the trike.......groovy or what?....I'm still picking the flies out of my teeth.....

    Sorry that we couldn't stay longer...too much to do at home.....but maybe next year with luck.....
    I'd rather be scared to death than bored to death.....

    Enjoy everything...regret nothing......

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
    what a brilliant wee-kend.

    huge thankyou to Sid & Ann (plus Sids mate, sorry forgot his name) and Proff & Barb for all the hard work.

    food was spot on

    company great

    ride out good

    tinkering with bikes and learning a lot
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    You can tell an outsider.... We call it wee, its more refined!!!!

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    A great weekend.

    It was a bloody great weekend.

    It was both an honour and a pleasure cooking breakfasts etc for such a great gang of lads and ladies.

    I would also like to add that it was great to be included and accepted into the group as the [token] non-biker :-)

    The ride in the Ural was thrilling, I still have a grin on my face.

    See you all next year. I'm off to sleep for a week.


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    Just echo the positives mentioned by everybody else, it was a great weekend indeed.

    Millions of thank-you's to everybody that chipped in with my project, it would never have got done without you. After such a shit winter for me, this gesture really makes a difference and restores my faith in the human race

    Special mention to everybody who helped run this event, especially Sid and Anne, letting us take over their lovely home & big workshop for a few days.

    Jaffa Cakes will never be the same from now on


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