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Thread: Calum's Road Celebration party

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    Calum's Road Celebration party

    Party was held last night to celebrate the completion of the road. About 200 people turned up for a party at the home of Ross Harris who deals with Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust and Stella's School Scheme.

    Most of the people there were supporters of the charities who had been out to The Gambia in previous years.

    Due to the short notice, I was the only GSer who was able to make it. Everyone was very impressed to hear of our bike ride and they were all very appreciative of the money we had raised for Calum's Road.

    It was a great party with people of all ages there. Anna, the super vet, was there having recently got back from The Gambia.

    The organisers had booked an elderly couple as the musical entertainment. The man playing the keyboards was OK but his wife on vocals was dreadful. I've never heard such an off-key tuneless singer. Everyone was laughing at her she was so bad. It was so bad it was funny. A young girl in the crowd said she was a professional singer just back from a season in Cyprus and asked if she could have a go when the old couple took a break. The young girl was stunningly good and the dance floor was immediately filled. When the young girl took a break, they tactfully suggested the old couple might like to let her continue instead. Unfortunately, they got the hump and starting dismantling all their equipment as the young girl sang. It was hilarious.

    The young girl was a brilliant singer and really made the evening. The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous with a stunning pair of long legs didn't hurt either. The young lads present were all queuing up to buy her drinks and practise their best chat up lines. The old lads present (me included) just drooled quietly from afar.

    The evening raised about £3.5k to be split between the two charities.

    Heather updated me about Calum's Road. At the very last minute, the main building contractor Ballast Needham pulled out of the contract. The contact at the company that Heather had dealt with had to leave The Gambia suddenly and a new man took over. They decided that they were behind schedule with the official South Road project so pulled the plug on Calum's Road at last minute. Heather was devastated but nothing would stop her. They tried to use a dodgy sub-contractor but Heather said "He was just a bullshltter with one bulldozer!" so that fell through as well. In typical Heather style she decided to organise it all herself. She hired all the required men and machinery and got an official from the national Roads Authority to oversee it and got the road built.

    Best bit is they got it done cheaper this way so they were able to pay for it from the funds raised to date. They even have a small amount left over which is ringfenced from other funds and will be used for bits of the road in the other direction. This should make it easier to reach Sambel on a heavily laden GS in future

    The offical opening of the road is scheduled for around Dec 11th to coincide with their annual horse show.

    If anyone fancies a ride down to The Gambia for December it would be a good time to visit.

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    Good one Sid for attending, sadly it was at very short notice, I had the pleasure of working all weekend .

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    Yes well done Sid, and thanx for the report
    I wanted to attend but the reality was I had too much stuff to do last weekend and I ran out of time.
    Re, December the 11th, just happens to be my birthday, Hmmmmmmmmmm.


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    Good that one of us made it Sid. Couldn't go as I was travelling. Can't make the official opening of the road either as I'll be in the States again

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