As camping is a pretty 'niche' interest in UKGSer and given that the FS&W section moves rapidly, I'd like to formalise a policy that I've been unofficially applying over the last few months.

If you have camping equipment for sale and have already placed an ad in the FS&W section, feel free to make a short post in the camping section linking to your sales thread.

Just title the thread in here with the item type (e.g.: "Vaude Tent for Sale" ) and post only the link to the sales thread in the body of the post. Don't post specific item details, prices or contact details - this should all go in the actual sales thread. (Naturally you will have to be a subscriber in order to post in the FS&W section).

This should help you inform other campers that you are selling something and improve the visibility of your sale, whilst keeping sales in the correct section.