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    Kerry Ireland

    & so

    Headed down the 20 mile on Fri evening & found a new cul de sac that could not be defeated. Defeating cul de sacs is a fine passtime but you have to take the odd setback.
    Had a few scoops on Fri night, met some friends from the old days & the new days, told lots of lies & talked shite (listened to some also) & headed for bed - a grand evening.
    Set off with Grumpy & 4 others on Sat for a disorganised run with a bit of gentle off roading. Tis hard to show him anything he doesent already know about, but there were some pieces he had not found including the cross lady; I had not met her before but she was not pleased with us - I'll not take a group up there for a wee while.
    The day was brilliant beyond belief & we met the main (organised) group for lunch & proceeded anticlockwise around Slea head. I cut for Killarney early - missing the dessert (Gap of Dunloe) to meet Shortlegs (his first GSer event).
    The meal was grand entirely - more drink - more fabrication(lies). Started drinking wiskey eith Biroche (ye boy) & sorting out the world when the thing that works my head broke & I went to bed.
    Frank 1200 & his lovely wife came back to Tralee with me & we agreed on a bit of commerce (an old GS tank - you got a bargain there you canny hoor).
    I posted my pics on the show us yours thread nearby earlier.

    & so it only remains to thank the organisers not only for that weekend (which was a climax or creshendo) but for all the other events & weekends that preceeded it. Aidan & Mandy ye are great persons entirely who have the secret of organising in that it doesent feel too organised - it feels as if it is just happening but there is subtle mastery in the background.
    Thank you - thank you, thankyou.

    & so who the feck can pick up the pieces & follow on by organising spontaneity?
    Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see - Arthur Schopenhauer

    Gerry C

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    Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GerryC View Post

    & so who the feck can pick up the pieces & follow on by organising spontaneity?
    Good question Gerry, seems to me that most peeps on here don't quite realize that Mandy and Aidan have decided to bow out from organizing, and that thanks are due to the pair of them big time....

    So yee Oirish tossers, who will organize from now on????
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