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Thread: Top 5 lessons you have learned the hard way

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    When you do right, they dont remember.
    When you do wrong, they dont forget.
    appears bright from a distance / dim up close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timolgra View Post
    Another which I always keep in mind...

    If a car driver's wearing a hat, no matter if it's an old doder in a Trilby/flat cap or a chav with a baseball hat/hoody, even if it's on the parcel shelf...take extra care
    +1 I live by this.....
    "The Devil doesn't exist, just God when he's drunk..."

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    - Any idiot can bew cold and uncomfortable
    - Never kick an apprentice he may end up being "the boss"
    - There is no price that is worth misery
    - To only regret things you never tried
    - There is no such thing as a stupid question except the ones you never asked

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    It's good to learn from your own mistakes,

    but it's better to learn from others mistakes.

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    Don't confuse progress with speed.

    Ride at seven tenths of your capability.

    Look where you want to go

    Slow in Fast out (this has been said before but is worth remembering).

    when you ride past parked vehicles imagine all the doors are open

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruiser View Post
    +1 I live by this.....
    + 2 v.wise
    I've gone orange 1290 SA

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    attempting to re-waterproof a 12 year old bike jacket with nikwax does not make it waterproof............

    on your 17th birthday do not try to kick start your shiny new ke100 into life in front of all your mates wearing baggy bottom jeans, they will catch your footpeg on the downstroke and topple you over.....

    frozen hands mean you cant reach the brake lever in time

    cheap tyres are cheap for a reason

    if a car is waiting to turn right in front of you cover the brake and look for eye contact with the eye contact means they aint seen you

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleycam View Post
    If you get so cold and then find that in fact it's okay, and then find you are feeling great and even warm, beware this is called hypothermia. It's a weird sensation and frightened me when it finally dawned on me what was really happening
    ... and to you folks who enjoy travel to any destination prone to extremes of temperature. Even if you are in New Mexico in June, the sun is up and the sky is blue, if the seat has frost on it, then the air temperature is below 0C or 32F - and that's without wind-chill.

    Like Mr Magicfingers said,

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_magicfingers View Post
    If you look stupid, but you're warm, you're not stupid.
    But, if you realise that you are under-dressed at any point, don't get to the point the point that you're hypothermic before you stop and add extra layers.

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    1) There's no such thing as bad weather....just the wrong clothing

    2) Ride like 50% of drivers are out to get you, and the other 50% will ALWAYS do the most stupid thing they possibly can at exactly the worst moment for you

    3) No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
    (be it spares you carry, routes you have planned for a tour, preventative maintenance or whatever)

    4) Ride as if you are invisible to anything else on or near the road.

    5) An animal being squashed under your bike is less important than you being squashed coming off trying to avoid squashing the animal

    6) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    7) Assertive riding keeps you alive and makes you feel good....Aggressive riding will kill you and make others feel you are a wanker.
    सत्यमेव जयते

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    The pain is the same no matter who's fault the accident is.

    All london Mini cabs have signs on the rear of the cars proclaiming what they are for public information == This can also to be used as a public safety warning that the person behind the steering wheel hasn't a clue how to drive.
    All your BMW servicing needs at the, including 1200 models

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Davies View Post
    Skin is extemely underrated.
    ...and far better un-grated......

    Wear gloves and protection

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