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Thread: TAT route and schedule

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    TAT route and schedule

    I've just about finalised the route and mileage now so here it is

    The container will be in Knoxville on Thursday so if anyone wants to come in earlier that's fine because there is some great riding to be had in the area.

    Just a note, Deals Gap was shut due to rock slides when we were there in July but I believe it's sorted now. However, there are some unbelievable roads around the area so you will not be bored and the locals will love being buzzed by a bunch of Brits on knobbly tyres

    Trans America Trail Route 2011

    Day 1 Saturday Collect bikes from Container and check over. Overnight in Knoxville Tennessee
    Day 2 Sunday Ride to Deals Gap and ride the Dragons Tail. 318 curves in 11 miles and one of the most famous roads in the USA, Mileage 150 and same motel in Knoxville. Tarmac
    Day 3 Monday Short Ride to Jellicoe Tennessee and prepare the bikes for the TAT. Motel in Jellicoe and 70 miles. Tarmac
    Day 4 Tuesday Start the TAT with a mixture of tarmac and dirt roads. Finish in Sparta Tennessee. Mileage 193
    Day 5 Wed TAT to Columbia Tennessee. 179 miles. Dirt
    Day 6 Thursday TAT to Selmer Tennessee 228 miles. Dirt
    Day 7 Friday TAT to Helena Mississippi 214 miles. Dirt
    Day 8 Saturday TAT to Clinton Arkansas 218 miles. Dirt
    Day 9 Sunday TAT to Alma Arkansas 196 miles. Dirt
    Day 10 Monday TAT to Bartlesville Oklahoma 233 miles. Dirt
    Day 11 Tuesday TAT to Alva Oklahoma 212 miles. Dirt
    Day 12 Wed Day off in Alva Oklahoma. Check bikes over and rest day.
    Day 13 Thursday TAT to Liberal Kansas 209 miles. Dirt
    Day 14 Friday TAT to Trinidad Colorado 281 miles. Dirt
    Day 15 Saturday TAT to Salida Colorado 238 miles. Dirt
    Day 16 Sunday TAT to Telluride Colorado 198 miles. Dirt
    Day 17 Monday Day off in the ski resort of Telluride. Check bikes over and rest day or ride some local trails.
    Day 18 Tuesday Local trails Including the Alpine loop into New Mexico 120 miles. Dirt
    Day 19 Wed Local trails to Santa Fe New Mexico 120 miles. Dirt
    Day 20 Thursday Local trails down to Albuquerque 220 miles. Dirt
    Day 21 Friday Drop bikes off and sightseeing.
    Day 22 Saturday Fly home
    Total mileage 3219

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    Bring it on!

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    What Tyre pressure you running
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    I know a great Steakhouse here
    Day 15 Saturday TAT to Salida Colorado 238 miles. Dirt

    I think there is a gaybar there for Tim too
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    Roughly like this then

    If you use Google Earth and zoom in you can just see Gary giving blow jobs to a bunch of cowboys, further east he's squealing like a pig
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    Getting There

    Well had a few hours spare yesterday so I am now booked on BA flight to NY on the 4th. Doing something a bit unusual by getting the Greyhound down to Knox. After 17 hours and several towns and cities later arrive at 5pm on the 5th ready to pick up the bike on the Saturday.

    Getting back a bit of a drag though, no direct flights through to NY from ABQ so got to change.

    I will be flying straight back on the Saturday and should arrive back in the UK on the Sunday morning.

    Only six and a half months to go

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    FINALLY got the DVD`s without the extra one he said he had put in to make up for the 2 month wait.

    Bike having pannier rails built and 25 lts tank and seat fitted, ready in 10 days.

    Need to book flights, SPECAIL NEEDS could do with some help if anybody else has booked already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAKERMAN View Post
    FINALLY got the DVD`s without the extra one he said he had put in to make up for the 2 month wait.
    Which DVDs and where can i get them please

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