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Thread: First Review - Touratech Companero Adventure Suit

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    Sorry to hear about your dad Lisa.
    Take care and I will have a pint of Cotleigh for you later

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    OK, I'm a bit behind the times and have only just read this thread. My 2p's worth:

    - Good on yer for travelling the world for 8 years on a shoestring, but not my cup of tea.
    - Nothing wrong with the videos and editing... very professional.
    - too professional in fact. Your review looks wholly paid for by TT
    - very naive to review a product without making it clear that you're not in it for the money or sponsorship.
    - I prefer reviews that consider price as a factor. I'm happy to pay good money for good kit, but its all relative isn't it?
    - You say categorically that you're not being paid by TT, but it is pretty darn easy to argue that you you have received £4k's worth of Suit (no grudges held, but just trying to be clear here)
    - any review of a "gift" will be biased differently to one that has been bought, we all know that, so you should make it clear from the outset so there is no ambiguity. (and this thread would have probably never kicked off!)
    - Just because TT didn't make a contract with your or ask you to make the film, you have become their marketing tool by accepting them. As a commercial enterprise, you must assume they will take advantage wherever possible. (I wonder how much stuff Charlie and Ewan actually bought, and how many contracts were in place. Not much of either I reckon, but as a company, its a marketing no-brainer and the cheapest exposure possible.)

    - Go on making and posting videos, just think carefully about product useage and reviews. I'd recommend either using it to your advantage (perhaps TT would have paid you good money for that review), or being ultra clear from the outset. (Have a look at Geekbrief TV to see some pretty clear and impartial techonology reviewing by amatuers that eventually got sponsored for it).
    - start new threads if you want to ask more questions!

    - Sorry to hear about your old man, your illness and Simons accident. Hope all is back on track and wish you all the best.
    L (also known as -L-)

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