a big thanks to all who came. As usual its the people who attend that make it such a special weekend nice to meet the new folk, great to see the old faces again. The banter and bull*hit were of the usual high standard and good old pops aka pastyman did hid bit to make us laugh.
so i'm still trying to recover and feeling a bit secondhand this morning, wonderwoman aka Suree is back up to full speed and doing her thing (where the hell does she get the energy) and Rossi has gone to school. oh did he drop me in it this morning when his teacher asked him this morning if he had a good week off he replies "yeh it was good, we had a biker weekend and i've been helping pour beer at the bar with my dad" there i am all a bit.
Anyway thanks again chaps, i'm off now to move all the stuff back into the shed and start Camilles rebuild