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Thread: Thank you

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    Thank you

    Well guys its time i came on and say a BIG THANK you to all you guys and ladies who ventured to Devon in the pouring rain.

    I am sat resting this rainy weekend and to my surprise a van just pulled in and the following was delivered.

    THANK you they are real lovely ( and they are PINK)

    Love them

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    Delivery man handed me the box of flowers and gave me a knowing smile "What you done wrong then?" he asked

    Thats guys, the gesture is really apreciated. Been a bad week in many ways with the death of our friend and neighbour. These flowers have raised Pinklady's spirits a lot.

    Thanks again.

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    it is no less than you ladies deserve!

    just wish we had thought of it earlier

    there wasnt a "tosser" there than didnt appreciate yours and Sumprats genuine hard work in filling the bellies of 30+ fat (less of the old) tossers

    did what we could collecting and scraping (empty) plates ready for the dishwasher...

    would rather have done five airhead top end rebuilds than cook for that lot

    as it was i took it easy and just did the three top end strip/rebuilds!

    big thanks girls


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    again.... well deserved ande we should not forget , its not just the work you put in but the giving up of your home for the weekend too. This of course applies to sid but it would feel "odd" sending him flowers

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    In the thread Gentlemen's Wee-Kend (Devon) June 2011 / what did we learn Sycomoto commented "from the weekend, sort of valuable life type stuff."

    Well I learned not to try and cook breakfast after drinking Tosser's Tipple (probably the best Gin ever). Or should that be Don't drink Tosser's Tipple if you have to be up to cook breakfast.

    If Crapaud doesn't run the weekend next year (and it is his call and I FULLY support him in his decision, but willing to help where I can) I shall miss all you fantastic folks.

    If I was financially better off (long story involving a certain Mobile 'Fone company, company acquisitions, and short-sightedness) I'd be down to the HogRaost (used to live in Andover - Charlton Rd).


    I wore my WeeKend tee shirt to my local Radio Amateur Club, and they loved the fantastic design.

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