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Thread: What's a veggie doing at the Hograost?

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    Wink What's a veggie doing at the Hograost?

    Well, let me tell you...

    This was actually my first proper Hograost! In 2007 I came only for the Saturday to join the Plain fun with Paul, and after that the good intentions of attending the whole event fizzled out year after year due to holiday plans, injuries, lack of disposable income, etc, etc. And if I'm absolutely honest, the idea of a meeting centred around a roasted pig didn't really appeal to me as a veggie...

    But this year Steve asked me if I was willing to contribute to the participants' entertainment and I was - who could ever say 'no' to our favourite bakerman?

    Like many others, I arrived Friday after work, pitched my tent in the 'Pogo only' zone - forsightly pyloned off by Timpo - and immediately got the opportunity to practise my Spanish. Four guys from Santander on their way from Scotland and the Isle of Man back to the ferry had heard of the Hograost by chance and popped around to see what it was all about.

    Maybe Oso can help me with the names? From left to right: Eduardo (?), Timpo (not Spanish), Michael (neither), Oso (welcome to the forum!), Juan and Mario (?)

    Unfortunately they had to carry on to Salisbury but I hope we will see them again in Andover next year - or on the Ruta de la Plata...

    Juan knows how to treat a lady...

    And Oso left me speechless when he gave me his piglet (that had travelled around the world with him!) as a talisman. Muchísimas gracias...

    Then it was time for dinner - that's what I call a serious Paella pan!

    Following up on the food theme - guess what Timpo had for breakfast on Saturday morning?

    Here's a clue - SkyGod was having the same

    Fed and watered, people gathered on the car park for the ride-outs - Timpo's hardcore gang

    Even the royalty turned up to give their blessings - Bakerman, The Boss and Paul

    Now I have to confess that I was behaving antisocially for a change. Due to time contraints during the last few weeks I still hadn't got round to do a recce for a trail riding event in Wiltshire the following weekend. Being so close to Salisbury Plain was a great opportunity to ride the route that I had only been able to plot on the map so far. And so I set off on my own (yes, I know what you're saying now - never go trail riding alone - and I feel guilty... ).

    You see what happens to byways that are not ridden on a regular basis - this lane near Collingbourne Ducis needs some proper lawn mowing 'Dirty Girls' style...

    Our national heritage...

    But the byways around Stonehenge are under serious threat of being closed to motor-propelled vehicles forever

    The public enquiry was supposed to start on 22nd June but due to Wiltshire County Council being badly prepared, has now been postponed until September.

    In memoriam Ben "Motörhead" Jones...

    Decisions, decisions...

    Don't we just love The Plain?

    Alright, alright, I won't then, Sir!

    More national heritage - Devizes White Horse

    Coming down the Wessex Ridgeway

    Our friends the 4x4's were here - nearly got stuck on this trail near Avebury...

    Idyllic place for an excursion into the bushes

    Approaching Barbury Castle


    The Ridgeway near East Kennett

    Gates can be a bit of a nuisance when you're on your own...

    Pewsey White Horse

    Back at Andover Rugby Club it was too late for me to enter the competition for the dirtiest bike - the trophy had already been given to Horse1200.

    Here's runner-up SkyGod

    A striking head, that hog...

    Oh dear, Becky starting with the booze...

    For Timpo it was the first proper meal in over four weeks...

    On a flying visit: Hans, Berin and Dr JM

    Well, they had been here since lunch time - only I was late... Toni, Rosi, Dr JM and Berin

    Another far-travelled Spaniard!

    A glimpse of the fabulous Brief Case Blues Brothers and the amazing crowd before it got too dark

    Finally I understood the true purpose of MrIFan's distinctive hairdress!

    Sunday morning - the remains of the weekend...

    The left-over raffle prizes - how do you transport a gargoyle on a small X-Challenge?

    Some people even stayed to listen to my South America talk - thanks for your time and interest, guys!

    Around midday the field was almost cleared... Hope you get better soon, Trev!

    Sean 'Sir Fixalot' from the AA with his 30-year old beauty

    And the last of the tireless busy bees...

    What a brilliant weekend! Thank you so much, Steve, Becky, your kids and all your helpers for your hard work and for making the Hograost such a fantastic event!

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be back next year.

    THANK YOU - and well done on the fundraising front!

    Ela - Four months through South America on a DRZ

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    About time we had some nice pictures

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    Thank you very much for the photos!!!!!!

    From left;



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    You obviously have a very good memory for names and places Ela, thanks for sharing with us

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    Great pics as always Ela!

    Wish I'd been there now...

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    Excellent photos and write up... How lazy am I, I think I've only ridden through one of those pics and its all on my door step!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    Thank you very much for the photos!!!!!!

    From left;


    Thanks for the names, Juan! And I thought 'Oso' was Eduardo, as you mentioned my new talisman in my SAm report...

    Ok, let's get this right - here we have from left to right: Mario, Timpo, Michael, Eduardo, Oso and Alex

    And it was Eduardo who gave me his key fob cerdito.

    Thanks to you all for your kind replies. And to conclude my initial thought, I should mention that the veggie catering - Risotto on Friday and Ratatouille on Saturday - was excellent, plentiful and very tasty!

    Thanks again, Bakes, for caring about the minorities... - Four months through South America on a DRZ

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