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Thread: Caravan Park, Cochem. Advice please

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    Caravan Park, Cochem. Advice please

    Does anyone have knowledge of any good caravan parks in the Cochem area? I'm planning a trip over there next year and could use some advice. I'm looking for scenery, electric hook-up, dogs allowed, and walking, lots of walking.

    What do you know guys?

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    fella theres so many nice campsites all along the river just take ya pick . youll love it there

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    Hi KMD
    About 50kM to the NW is the village of Winningen where the campsite is on a island in the rivel Mosel. The site is run by ex road racer Thomas Lange and his Kiwi wife Joanne
    Excelent food,
    Elec hookups
    No problem with dogs
    If you turn up on a bike you may even get free camping


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    Thanks neil, I'll check it out.

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    Thumbs up Not a campsite but a very good hotel and reasonably priced.

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    I have been to the Hotel Panorama a few times, every trip on my Ducati 1098s including once with the wife on her Ducati Multistrada 1000DS.

    See here:-

    The hotel is sited on the edge of Cochem near the infamous / famous Cochem Bends and a nice ride to the Nordschleife / Nurburgring.

    We all usually stay on a B&B basis and then either choose to have an evening meal in town or in the hotel.

    Hotel Panorama is in two blocks (one old block and a newish block) with a covered walkway in between.
    The hotel has a small pool which we used and a sauna or steam room which we didn't use.
    Wi-Fi access is available and the food and beer is excellent.

    They also have about four garages which are cheap to rent and one has a remote key fob door opener which was useful, we managed to get at least nine Ducatis inside and split the cost between us.
    Garages are best pre-booked as they always fully book them.
    There are hotel dedicated parking spaces if you are not bothered with a garage.

    A highly recommended and reasonably priced hotel.

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