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Thread: Show us your Pictures..........

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    Here's my offering ....

    Malc (Bilko) John (Mr Smooth) and Kevin (Norm) and myself set off Thursday lunch time to have a night in Wales before the ferry on Friday ...

    Where to stay, no contest. The Lion Hotel at Llanbister

    View from my bedroom window

    I'm afraid we didn't join in with the 'competition' on Saturday but did our own thing. Young Decky (Dec) joined us from Cork and we had a good old fashioned 'razz'

    He wanted to go take a photograph for the Photographic Rally Challenge, so I took one of him too

    Behind me stood a stone I was interested in and so took a photograph for myself .... and unwittingly scored a point in the days competition

    A good razz, chasing the young blood on his 800 Triumph, and a stop for lunch. Looking at my back tyre I espied something bright and shiny

    I couldn't have driven that nail in like that and if it had gone in it would have been instant deflation probably .... how lucky

    So for a few piccies of the reprobates

    Sunday morning, nice and early, we headed for the 9am ferry back to Fishguard and had one more night at Llanbister where, late that evening, I was photographed in a rather compromising situation ...

    Kev had been having a few niggling aches and pains with his back, but after stopping for lunch on our way home he quite simply couldn't get back on his 'bike. He had hobbled back to it but riding it was going to be out of the question. What to do?

    Norm couldn't even get in a car, such was the pain, so it was going to have to be an ambulance, but an ambulance wouldn't just take him home, so it was going to have to be to Shrewsbury A & E

    BMW recovery weren't interested, they eventually agreed to take Kev's bike to the dealer in Wolverhampton, but not because Kev was injured, but only because, by some miracle, it wouldn't start for some reason

    Bloody Wolverhampton was of no use to anyone and so when a lovely lady, visiting the garden centre we were at, offered to let us keep the bike in their lock up garage while we could arrange recovery .... sorted

    By some miracle the bike started and we were able to ride it the half mile to her home for safekeeping .... bless you lady

    Kev was to be given enough pain relief for his good lady Julie to collect from Shrewsbury A & E and was home that same evening.

    Get well soon Norm

    BMW recovery is shite

    UKGSer rules supreme

    .... and with apologies to Kev

    Tours, training or custom made earplugs ... it's all here.

    "If you want the rainbow then you have to put up with a little rain" Dolly Parton

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    booker, high wycombe.
    looks like another great weekend i need to get back out there

    always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.

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    jaysis mick me eyes arent that good

    norm hope ya better soon

    ps you went to evoys forge..............

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