The routes have taken quite some time to produce and check for errors etc., especially as Garmin/Mapsource/Base Camp has a propensity for diverting down farm tracks if the speed limit's right, or it's a 3 millimetre shorter route, but if anyone gets a chance to double check them and let me know of any minor discrepancies, I'll edit again.

Please also check that they transfer to your device properly, as I am not intending to edit any further past the end of April, unless I notice some really good cock-ups.

Anyone not going on the trip is welcome to download and use the files, but please don't blame me if they take you off course and you get stuck in the middle of the English Channel and are harassed by a gang of marauding juvenile haddock...

I'll update each route file/thread (and the main file) as and when necessary.

That is all.

Keep calm and carry on.