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Thread: The Charity

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    The Charity

    As some of you may remember, the chosen charity last year was the local branch of the Disable Christian Fellowship. They are a small local group that raise money to take disabled people on holiday once every two years. This gives a break for the disabled people and for their families/carers who often look after them 24/7.
    Due to the fantastic generosity of the airheaders we were able to donate £650 to them last year. They also spend a lot of time at coffee mornings and jumble sales etc to raise the rest of the money needed. At a recent coffee morning, just days before they were due to go on this years holiday, I discovered that they had been ripped off badly by Momentum Coaches. Having agree a year ago to suppy the coach and driver for a set price of £500, the coach company decided with 4 days to go that they now wanted an additional £1,000 to cover their costs. They said there was something in the small print that allowed them to increase their prices! Obviously there was no way on earth that they could afford this increase so they had to cancel. The company, (remember the name, Momentum Coaches) then refused to refund a single penny of the £500 paid.
    At this point I got involved as I hated to see a company take advantage of a group of mostly little old ladies who had organised all this. I spoke politely to the coach company and have to say they were the most unpleasant people I have ever dealt with and they just said they would refund nothing and just referred to their terms and conditions. I thanked them and advised them that I would take them to court over this and ensure that their company received maximum publicity for it.

    This still left the group with no transport. Many phone calls later I had secured a 15 seat minibus from Barnstaple Round Table. They still needed a driver. "Are you free next week Sid?".

    So after being away all weekend competing on Saturday at Moto Gymkhana at Tourtech on Saturday (I came third) and then Sunday in the Big Bike Enduro at Sweet Lamb, I got back late Sunday night from Wales.
    First thing Monday morning, I had to collect the minibus and then collect all the "guests". First pickup was a lovely blind girl with her guide dog. Those that know me well, know that I'm not a fan of dogs so I suggested she sit with her dog at back of bus. No, dog jumped into seat behind driver and that was that. I had large cold wet nose of labrador against the back of my neck. Interesting mix of other people, some in wheelchairs, some with other physical disabilities and others with "learning difficulties" as it is politically correct to describe it nowadays.

    It proved to be an interesting and humbling week. Despite all their disabilities, they were a fantastic group of people, always laughing and taking the mickey out of each other and themselves.

    On the last night they gave thanks to all who had helped and special mention was made of the Airheaders who had helped make this holiday possible.
    So to everyone who attended last years event and to those who couldn't come but still gave a donation, I can pass on a huge thanks from a very grateful bunch of lovely people.

    I have obviously decided that we will donate any surplus funds from this years event to this group again.

    Bookings for this years event will be sorted out very soon.

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    Well done Sid. To do what you do, you can only be described as a star

    Looking forward as usual to this years event.


    PS: Good to hear that smelly old codgers can still hold their own against the young uns too.
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    Great stuff Sid. I can't make this year due to TT committments but I will make a donation to this fantastic charity. I'll pm you for details of how to get you some cash.

    Its the least I can do seeing as how I still have Arkwright's MPH speedo which I borrowed after last year (which I will return ASAP Duncan honest!).
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