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Thread: The Ramblings of Roberto: Introduction

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    The Ramblings of Roberto: Introduction

    OK let's start posting.

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Rob, or Roberto. I've been around these parts for a while, but due to so much of my existence being taken over by sodding work I've contributed relatively little to the parish. So. I've broken the shackles and chains of life as an office jockey, and decided to have a year off and take the GS wherever I fancy. I'm elated, fearful, excited, concerned, worried. I know very little of what is around the corner, and as I discover a little later most of it comes around the corner ignoring the white line and in the middle of the road.

    Anyway, we shall see, eh?

    The first thing to do is to try it and see if I like all this travel business. Now that sounds silly, right. But, I need to take in account of the fact that I might not. I doubt it though. So the strategy is thus:

    Round 1: Eastern Europe

    First leg of what will be will be to do couple of months around Europe, with a particular calling to the Adriatic Coast, Turkey and Romania. I've also got a wedding to go to in Latvia in July so why not tie that in. Other countries will be a bonus.
    For round 1, I'm going to be joined by a riding buddy from the UKGSer parish, Dave, aka 'Fishbird' whom I met on a Old Rascal's Gastro tour of France a few years ago, a great trip which took on a life of its own. We've done many miles since then and he's a top bloke and good egg. Dave will be riding a KTM 990 ADV in a rather fetching blue colour. Proper hardcore.


    I'll be on my 2009 GS Adventure. I had toyed with using a G650 XCountry, but in the end decided the GS would be the one to use. From writing this a few weeks in I have to say I'm pleased I made that choice.

    So the GS. I'm the second owner, buying from Southport Superbikes, as I have the past three or so bikes. Good folks there. Can I do a dedication? OK then, I will. Hello to Jim, Becky and Roy in Southport.
    In fact Jim is aka Sadjim of this locale, and he's responsible for my trousers, new tank bag and various other bits and bobs that I've gotten together. Big up to Jim.

    Before embarking I'd considered whether to buy a new bike or stay with my current one. Frankly there was nothing wrong with this one, and so I decided to keep it, get a remap from Hilltop, WESA Suspension from Revs (see other threads) and get a few other needed bits and bobs.

    The plan is to do some camping and some hotels. I've taken a Hilleberg Nano 2GT supplied by another Tosser, Ballistic. Hello Brian.

    Perhaps I'll do another thread on all the crap I've assembled later.

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    living the dream , nice one Rob ride safe
    Dont Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me

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