Please read and make sure you understand these rules and guidelines BEFORE posting an item for sale in this section.

We reserve the right to delete or edit any post that does not follow these rules.

If you are a commercial vendor or have a product line for sale, your thread should be placed in the VENDORS OF INNOVATIONS section, which has its own guidelines.

  • You need to be a sponsor. If you're not, you can click HERE
  • If its is an ad for a GS bike (complete bike) please place it HERE
  • If its is an ad for a wanted item (not complete bike) please place it HERE
  • If you have spotted a good bike related deal or are selling an item on someone else's behalf place it HERE
  • Photographs are always useful, if you're not sure how to attach a picture, please click HERE
  • Post on the thread that you’ve PM'd the person selling something. Please note that simply asking a question on a thread doesn't entitle you to be 'first in the queue'
  • When finalising a sale clearly agree who's paying the postage costs, how it will be delivered and by what method the payment will be made we suggest that you exchange phone numbers as well.
  • Recorded delivery is recommended then both parties are covered should things go wrong.
  • If there's a problem or a delay with posting, let the other party know to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Let the other party know that the money/item has arrived.
  • Once an item has been sold, the person who started the thread should now close the thread. Instead of the How much is this worth section we are going to try leaving all completed sales so that people get an idea what items sold for.

    You can do this by clicking on THREAD TOOLS then click CLOSE THREAD and then click PERFORM ACTION

    You'll find the THREAD TOOLS dropdown menu in a bar just above your first post in the thread.
  • If a thread has had no replies and no activity for several weeks, we will normally delete it anyway- to avoid this, please come back to the thread after a fortnight and add a post to it saying that the item is still available.
  • If things go wrong, please try to contact the seller/purchaser by PM or on the phone, be reasonable and patient both ways and it should be resolved.
  • Failing that, contact a Moderator in the first instance who will see if they can assist you- however, be aware that we are neither arbitrators nor lawyers and although we'll do our best, a mutually satisfactory outcome is not guaranteed.
  • If you're posting an item for sale or you want an item, please don't just put 'Wanted' or 'For Sale' as the thread title, it’s irritating that you have to open the thread to find out what you want or what your selling.
  • Auction type sales for charity are ok as long as no profit is made and postage is done at cost.

Please include as much of the following information where possible;
  • Item Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Which Bikes It Fits
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Age of Item
  • Are any Parts Missing
  • Extras Included in Sale
  • Is the Item Advertised Elsewhere if so... Where?
  • Any Faults or Damage(list all..Fading,Zips,Sitching,Rust,Paint Srapes& Dents,Etc.)
  • Price (All items need a price on them if not they will be removed)
  • Postage Cost