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Thread: Suspension advice

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    Hi, can you offer me any advice on whether I need to upgrade the rear suspension on an F800GS. I have measured the sag with rider and rider + luggage at both extremes of pre-load adjustment.

    No preload rider 92mm
    No preload rider+ luggage 120mm
    Full preload rider 61mm
    Full preload rider + luggage 86mm

    My weight is 110kg and carry up to 34kg luggage which is used in the sag measurements.

    I read somewhere that for a dual sport the sag should be no more than about 25% of the shock travel (215mm), so even with max pre-load I am not getting this with rider alone and certainly not with luggage. Does it matter?

    I want the suspension to cope with off-road riding with luggage. My preference when riding off-road (no luggage) has been to have no pre-load and rebound at it softest setting as the factory setting seem too hard for absorbing the bumps. If I run on max preload can I have the rebound still set to soft (manual says it should be set to hard with increased preload).


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    F800GS front end

    Hi Guys, sorry if you have already answered this point.
    What can be done on the F800GS (2012) to make the 'seesaw' affect go away without ruining the ride overall feel of the bike. Any improvements to be had in general?

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    How do you know if your suspension is losing performance? I have had the bike 8 years and it is now on 100,000 miles and still on the standard suspension which I have never touched from the day I picked it up. We just load up and go, whether that is solo or two-up. There is no sign of a leak or anything, so I wonder what people have to do to their bikes to break them in so few miles (I read one bike on 30,000 with the suspension knackered )
    Our bike is an 1150 Adv 2-spark.

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    Saggy 1200 GS

    I've just bought a 3,000 mile 1200 GS and am finding the suspension, particularly the rear very soft and bouncy, particularly two up . Out of the 38 (I think) clicks of pre load I have it up to 31 already with two turns of damping. My other bike, an 1150 has ohlins front and rear and that is nowhere near as soft.

    Is it simply a matter of 'they're all like that' get used to it , or possibly the difference being exaggerated by coming off a bike with ohlins to one without ?

    Would the ohlins shocks fit the 1200? That would be a result.

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    Preload wil only change the ride height. "two turns" fo damoing, I guess you mean 2 turns out on the rebound damper a the base of the shock? The standrad setting is bit firmer at 1.5 turns out, it gets a bit better about 1.25 turns out. Tur the adjust in ( clockwise) until it stops, do not try to froce it beyond the stop to test the point. Then unwind it a turn and a quarter.

    The stock suspension is not as good as Ohlins, Hyperpro, Kugar, Wilbers, Tracive etc. It has a limited amount of adjustment that has to suit everyone. The upmarket units have springs fitted to suit your weight and a greater range of damping adjustements available.

    A cheap upgrade is to get Hyperpro progressive springs. If you have the preload set almost at the max it suggest that the standard spring may not be suited to your total riding weight. IIRC they base the suspenio on a rider weighing about 85 Kilos.

    Try setting the rebound and see how that feels, it wil only cost you a few minutes of time before shelling out a lot on new units.
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    Rear shocks

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2009 Gs, 20000 on the clock FBMWSH.
    I had a BMW health check carried out before purchase all good green ticks including suspension.
    Bike was delivered by courier ( it was with him overnight) from Leeds to Canterbury, on arrival all appeared ok, took it for a short spin seemed ok but entirely happy with ride/ handling.
    Yesterday took bike to Belgium with friends, in Ypres a leak was found from shock, got home rear suspension totally shot.
    Total mileage since purchase 197, ridden carefully and I am about 14 stone.

    Any ideas as to possible cause if any, I have been advised that the courier could be to blame ?.


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