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Thread: Posting a photo on UKGSER - FAQ

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    Posting a photo on UKGSER - FAQ

    The following FAQ has been produced to help ukgsers attach pictures to their posts. New members frequently run into problems when trying to do this but, hopefully, this FAQ will take away some of the mystery.

    The instructions here try and cover every step. Many will not need to see this in such detail but for others it may be useful.

    The FAQ will deal with the two areas which seem to cause most problems.

    1. How to ensure that your picture is ready for posting. This primarily involves the physical size of the picture both in terms of dimensions and file size.

    2. How to actually post the picture once it is ready.

    The presumption is that you will have some form of photo editing software eg. Photoshop, Paintshop Pro etc.
    However, this may not be the case and, in order to build a tutorial based on something that everybody will have or can acquire for free, the picture sizing part of this FAQ is based upon a piece of software called Irfanview. The general principles of the picture sizing FAQ are applicable to any of the photo editing software products but the actual menus and screenshots will, of course, be different.

    So, if you are all sitting comfortably, the we’ll begin.

    To get a free down load of Irfanview go to www.irfanview.com

    Before you start it may be worth creating a 'Pictures for posting' folder as a place to save the images to after re-sizing.

    The reason that resizing is often necessary is that digital images produced by modern, high spec digital cameras, or photos scanned in via a scanner are often of a very large file size. This means that were they to be diplayed on this forum in their raw state, they would not only take up a massive amount of storage, but they would also be of such a size that you would have to scroll across the page in order to view them and would take ages to display.

    So, how to resize?

    Firstly, open the picture file you want to edit in Irfanview.
    To do this, click on the "File Open" icon (see below).

    To resize the photo, click on the "Image" drop down menu.

    You will get the following window.

    Click on Resize/Resample

    You can then set the physical dimensions of the picture.
    You can either use one of the presets…. 640 x 480 is probably the most appropriate
    Or you can set the width of your choice. In order to prevent the need for scrolling across the page you should keep the width to no more than around 700 pixels wide.

    Make sure that the “Preserve Aspect Ratio” box is ticked. That way you will keep your pictures in proportion of height to width. Also keep the DPI setting to 72.
    Many images that have been produced by scanning in a photo may have a DPI of around 300. This is way too large for for displaying on the web, so if you need to, change this setting to 72.
    Click OK when you are happy.

    Now click on "File" and you will get the drop down menu below.
    Click “Save As”. This will keep your original photo unaffected by these edits and preserve your ability to make high quality prints.

    Now there are two things to do before you finally “Save”.
    1. Make sure you “Save” as a JPEG
    2. Click on the “Options” box.

    You will then see the menu box below with a slider which will allow you to control the “Save”quality of the picture. This is an area you should experiment with. It is a trade off between the file size and picture quality. There is a site limit of 125kb for these files but you should try and stay in the 50 to 70 kb area.

    You can then go click “OK” and go back to the “save As” menu and finally “Save” after you have selected the directory you want to save it in. This may be the "Pictures for posting" directory it was suggested you set up before starting.

    There is one further thing you may want to consider before actually posting, and that is to obscure any registration plates that may be visible in the photo. Have a look at these words of warning . I will add more details on how to do this in the very near future.

    Now the photo is ready for posting, you can now go to the second part of this FAQ which deals with how to actually post it.

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    Posting the photo once ready

    OK, so the first part of this FAQ dealt with getting your photo ready for posting.

    This second part deals with how to actually post it and make it visible on the UKGSer forums.

    This section has been revised due to the changes to the software that UKGSer is now using.

    There are two methods of doing this:

    Method 1.The photos physically reside on a website other than UKGSer.com.
    This may be your own website or may be through one of the photo hosting services that are available. Eg. www.smugmug.com or www.photobucket.com , there are many others. This method has a distinct advantage over the other method. It allows you to post multiple photos into a single “Reply” on the forum. It has the added benefit of reducing a large computing overhead on the UKGSer site.

    However, please note, that some of these photo hosting services do not allow you to make a link from the picture on their site to another website.
    An example of this is shutterfly.com . They do not allow this within their terms and conditions and physicallly block such a link. If I hear of others I will post the names on this FAQ.

    Method 2 is to load the photo onto the UKGSer site.
    If you do this, you can only add one photo for each reply. So if you want to have multiple photos interspaced with text this is not ideal. It also increases load on the software that is used to run the UKGSer forums and can slow the site down for other users.
    You can only use this method if you are a Subscribed Tosser.

    So, how to do it.

    METHOD 1

    Go on to the forums and either start a new thread or “Reply” to an existing thread (this would also apply if you were using “Quote”.
    You will get the usual “Reply” window (see below).
    You can then type text in the usual way.

    When you want to add a photo click on the 'insert image' icon:-

    You will then get the following window open which will prompt you to add the address of the photo you want to add, type the known URL of the image location, then click OK:-

    If you do not know this address. You need to start a new Windows session and go find the photo.
    You can then do one of two things.

    1. On the full sized photo (not the thumbnail) you can right click your mouse anywhere on the photo. You must right click actually on the photo, not the surrounding web page.
    This will give you this window and you should click on “Properties”.

    The “Properties” window will appear. Highlight and copy (ctrl c) the Address {URL}

    If the properties address does not end in .jpg it is likely the linking of this photo is being blocked by the photo hosting service and it will not work.

    Return to your UKGSer session and paste (ctrl v) into the IMG window.
    Click OK and you will be taken back to the UKGSer “Reply” screen.

    You can then type more text as you require and then repeat the IMG operation with a
    different photo.


    2. You can get the address and full IMG command from some of the screens on the hosting services. The example below is with Photobucket.. This dispenses with the need to use the IMG button on the UKGSer “Reply” screen.

    Go to the site where your photo is stored. You will probably find a set of thumbnails with some boxes below. If you click in the IMG box you will see that address contained within it is highlighted.

    Simply copy (ctrl c). Then go back to the UKGSer “Reply” screen and paste (ctrl v) wherever you want the photo to appear.

    With both of these methods you can use the “Preview” function before finally clicking

    METHOD 2

    If you can’t host your photos on another site, you may post them directly on the UKGSer site providing you are a paid up sponsor.

    To do this, open the UKGSer “Reply” screen.

    Type your post as normal

    Then click on the 'Manage Attachments' button:-

    Then click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the images on your device that you want to upload:-

    Once selected they should appear like this, you can add up to 5 attachments, once done click the 'Upload' button:-

    Attachments should now show like this. Then click the 'Close this window' button:-

    The Manage Attachments section should now show the attached attachments:-

    If you have finished typing your txt you can now click the 'Submit Reply' button.

    Hopefully the guidance given in this FAQ will be of help to you.
    Again, my apologies to those of you who only needed to clarify a few steps and never needed this level of detail but, hopefully, you have found what you needed here.

    Finally, my thanks to Fanum and Whatton for their help and assistance in putting this FAQ together.

    Happy posting

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    Photo hosting services

    In the previous post the subject of photo hosting services is mentioned.
    Some of these sites allow photos you have hosted with them to be linked to by other sites such as ukgser.com, but some don’t.
    Those sites that don’t allow linking usually have a filter that prevents you making a link.

    There are many sites offering photo hosting services.
    Some are free of charge, some are fee based. Many offer two levels, a basic free service and an enhanced fee service.

    It is believed that the following sites currently allow photos hosted on their site to be linked to other sites.
    The list is nowhere near exhaustive and at the moment is just a very basic list, but it may be of use to you:


    Please contact me either through PM or email (see my profile) if you know of more sites that allow linking that should be added.

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    Found by Motomartin (inbetween those few moments when he's not ripping the piss about our weather whilst secretly wishing he was back here ), there's a good site with tips on how to deal with RAW image files (they're the big files that expensive top-end cameras produce) and other file types, including tips on photoshop etc etc......

    CLICKETY CLICK HERE for the page.

    Nice one Motomartin


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