Steptoes west mids service day 27th april 2013
The sun is out and everyone's bike will need a fettle by the expert St Eptoe so he's on his way out of West Laaandaan to the wonderful countryside of Warwickshire His visa has been approved so it's all systems go for Saturday 27th april 2013

C&D Auto's
Bickmarsh Lodge
Nr Evesham

It's a concrete road off the main road and C&D's building is at the end of the farm on the right. If you get to Bickmarsh airfield you are very close.

As always, all GS's can be accomodated but Neil won't be able to do anything too complicated due to time limitations. Service, check up and tune up by his nibs is what is on offer here. If you want anything else done, let me know and I'll see if it's possible. You will also need to bring a service kit and oil for your steed which can be got from your local dealer or motorworks. This will ensure Neil doesn't have to cart his storeroom up from the smoke. Please make sure you arrive 1 hour before your stated time as the engine needs to be cold to do the valve check.

Cost will be between Steptoe and yourselves depending on work done (cash only please) and a contribution of £20 for use of the workshop. This goes toward the running of a British Superstock 1000 race team (JDR Racing number 38) run from the workshop and with any luck, the new Kawasaki ZX10R in full race trim will be there to have a butchers at.
tyre fitting and balancing is also on offer

Each service takes around 1 hour including coffee and doughnut time

Please pm me if you want to have your bike done and it's on a strictly first come first served basis.