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    List of attendees

    In amongst everything else happening at the moment, I'm trying to tie up the paypal receipts with all the names on here. I worry that dementia might be contagious as I seem to be very confused after the time with my parents

    First list is of those who are 100% confirmed and have paid the money into my paypal account. I apologise if I have missed anyone as I have been getting my emails remotely when overseas and it appears that some have been deleted after I've read them.

    List one, paid up:
    1. Me
    2. SWMBO aka PinkLady
    3. Sumprat (the chef)
    4. Peter (my son)
    5. Martin (other son)
    6. Steves42. Bunkhouse. Doesn't eat curry.
    7. Freeloader
    8. Arkwright
    9. Outtomunch. Veggie?
    10. Shapeshifter
    11. Nick.ct
    12. Val.H (bringing bikes on trailer + dog)
    13. Gill
    14. Paintman
    15. Debbie Mrs Paintman
    16. Pukmeister
    17. PW Cymru (top bunk in bunkhouse)
    18. Mark Hooton
    19. Canuck
    20. Pete Tibbs. Veggie
    21. Cookie (with dog)
    22. Angi - Mrs Cookie
    23. Cookie's mate - Dick allen
    24. kgb biker
    25. Mike F. Planning on coming Wednesday to swap his 1150 engine.
    26. MickDB1.
    27. Medawar55
    28. Madmountainman. Definitely coming with partner to ride Ann's horse.
    29. MMM's partner
    30. Oblertone
    31. Jaq
    32. Flipfly
    33. Packer. Confirmed
    34. Mike Wilkins. Friday night only
    35. GS or Bust. Friday night only
    36. GS or Bust +1. Friday night only
    37. Steptoe
    38. Paul Cobb
    39. Chris Ellis
    40. ginga
    41. ginga 2
    42. ginga 3
    43. ginga 4
    44. jerry varney
    45. ginny
    46. ATT
    47. Proff.
    48. Count Pikey + three friends.

    Now for the list of all the possibles/ definitely maybes/ "will let you know nearer the time" etc etc. I accept that some of you may already have told me if you are coming or not but as said, I've been a bit stressed out so I just want to check that I haven't missed anyone.

    Paul G (BHT). We might be honoured with a royal visitation.
    Johnny Boxer. Would love him to help organise the trials and enduros in the woods.
    katyotter. . Replied.Currently in France and still a possible.
    MrIFan. Replied but not looking good at the moment.
    jackass dave POSSIBLE
    Rob Farmer

    Apologies again if you have already told me you are/ aren't coming and I've got it wrong.

    Whatever happens, it will be a superb weekend.

    30th May. List updated. Many thanks for all the messages. Sorry to chase but want to know how much beer etc to order. Lager keeps forever, cider for a few months but the real ale has short life and if any is left over then I have to drink it all myself.

    Still space available and last minute bookings can be accepted. Easier to order extra supplies at last minute than to have too much. Any newbies who don't know where we are, just PM me for directions.

    31st May. My inbox is filling up Numbers looking excellent now with several still hoping to come if circumstances allow. Its definitely going to be an epic Wee kend.

    Got the hot water sorted this morning with new thermostat. Calor gas bottle hooked up and cooker working. New battery delivered for Skoda. Tidied up garage and moved all non-airhead bikes out of workshop. Both parents discharged from hospital today so that's one less immediate worry.

    1st June.

    Our chef, Sumprat, has arrived today.
    Spent all day tidying up workshop and fitting carpet with underlay: ) ) Still a huge amount of work to do to get place ready for next Weekend. Mowed the top lawn then SWMBO let the organic mowers (ie her nags) on to lawn to eat it down. I'll mow it again before next weekend but keeping the grass longer to make it more comfortable. I'll make sure she cleans up any horse droppings.
    Thanks again for all the private messages. No problems with last minute bookings providing you don't complain if you if you have to wait for second sitting at the bar.

    2nd June
    Just to confirm that confirmation is confirmed that Packer is definitely confirmed as coming.

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    I can confirm that I'm confirmed if you confirm that I can. Be confirmed that is.
    '83 BMW R100
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    '69 BMW R60 US

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    Quote Originally Posted by Packer View Post
    I can confirm that I'm confirmed if you confirm that I can. Be confirmed that is.
    excellent news sir :-)

    err just a thought. swap you some of my own home smoked cheese and smoke roasted garlic for a bottle or two of Tossers Tipple ;-)

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    In case people haven't noticed, I've been constantly updating the first post here to give current list of all attendees confirmed.

    It looks like this fifth anniversary one could be the best one yet.

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    Hi Sid. You should have received payment from me this evening for 4 of us. Matt

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    Post 1 updated again.

    Filling up now!
    Been out this morning to sort out the beer and cider. At both places they insisted that I had to sample the various different types. Got some excellent cider from the Winkerleigh Cider Company and award winning ale from the Country Life Brewery. Both small local companies that only produce the finest quality booze. Both companies are open over the weekend so we can always get extra if we run dry. Also anyone who wants to take some home can call in on the Sunday morning and purchase takeaways in whatever size/quantities they like.

    For those not into beer or cider, we have filled up the spare fridge with bottles of Budweiser lager and some cans of Carlsberg. We have wine by the gallon from my recent trip to France.

    Plenty of soft drinks available as it looks like it will be hot and we will need to keep hydrated.

    Wednesday we will buy the meat for the curries and BBQ based on the numbers we have paid up by the end of today.

    Tonight my welder man arrives to finish the work on my R65 frame. Also MikeF arrives to begin swapping engine on his 1150GS.

    It's all coming together now and looking good.

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    Final update to Post 1.

    Spent half of today out shopping. Lots of basic stuff from Tescos that it is easy to forget if you don't make detailed lists. Bought a large pack of luxury toilet paper to cover the Weekend especially after the Friday curries. Lots of soft drinks and some white wine for the ladies.

    Spent literally hours in the butchers. He insists on making the sausages and the burgers fresh for us whilst we wait and cutting all other meat from fresh deliveries. Amazing watching the sausage machine at full speed with him bunching them up like bananas as they come out the end. The burgers are individually made and wrapped. No bits of dobbin in any of this meat!

    Sumprat has spent the afternoon preparing everything for the curries and the first impressions are impressive. There will be a Beef Madras which will be HOT and comes with a health warning, a milder Chicken Korma and a Veggie Special.
    Saturday night will be BBQ with an excellent selection.
    Those with special diets etc have been accounted for.

    The real ale is settling in the bar with a damp blanket over it to keep it cool. After 24 hours ie Thursday night we will break the seal and test it to ensure it is perfect. I managed to fit one of the 20 litre boxes of cider in the fridge to keep that cold.

    Mowed the top lawn and just have to get SWMBO to clear away deposits from the horses.

    Given the stable toilet block a coat of white paint to brighten it up and electrician is coming back to fit better lighting.

    Finished sorting out all my Airhead spares so things should be easier to find.

    Prepared detailed lists of exactly what needs attention on three of my airheads (to keep Steptoe happy).

    In between all this, I've been briefly helping MikeF to strip down his 1150. So as fast as I've been tidying up the workshop, he has been spreading oily bits all over it.

    At 7.00 pm I'm now totally shattered so decided that enough for today.

    At least by getting most of the work done early, it will allow me to chill out and enjoy the event without getting stressed out over last minute detailed. If there are minor details that I have forgotten then so be it.

    This is going to be an epic event.

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    Sid, I want a BENTLEY

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    Hi Sid. My heart felt thanks and gratitude to you and evrybody else for laying on such a splendid get together and the opportunity to meet other members with their bikes.

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