As I've had about 40 PMs asking for the address, postcode, satnav waypoints etc, I'll repost what I said in the other thread.

Apparently, Cookie also has a satnav waypoint he can PM to interested parties.

The event is being held at the secret underground HQ of the ALF (Airhead Liberation Front). To avoid thousands of gatecrashers, it is strictly on a need-to-know basis.

For those newbies who have never been before, please head to The Union Inn pub at Stibb Cross.

From there you have three choices.
1. Follow the discreet signposts probably marked up "BMW Motorrad". I did put up some signs a few years ago saying "Gentleman's Weekend" but we got some right weirdos turning up. (And I don't just mean the sidecar drivers )
2. Go in and have a drink and phone me. I can come and collect you if all else fails. Mobile phone signals are weak here in darkest Devon so you may not get a signal at all as you get near my place. We like it like that.
3. Ask a local. "Ah, Sid the nutter with all the bikes. Its over there!"

Numbers are looking excellent now and the weather should be good as well.

I'm really looking forward to this now.