We broke even, which is understandable as a NEW VENUE, and change of date and all sorts going on, Glastonberry, Sliverstone etc etc

We were down on folks, but it gives me the incentive to carry on and do it again, and your part of the deal is bring others now you know its cool.

My ethos is PARTY and ENJOY then if we have money over great.

I am sticking with NO SHOWERS as a block of 6 is £600 so you can see that would take up any money made.

So 2014 First Full Weekend in July

THE BELL INN Weyhill YES (If same landlord)
Posh loos again YES.
Elvis if still alive YES
new LOST DOG will be adding a few search type questions:
Two PIGS and onions and black pepper YES
A £500 Band, and some entertainment again YES
Breakfast BAP`s Saturday and Sunday YES
I will bring back the TEA urn but a charge for tea/coffee.
Air Riffle Range YES
Log camp fires YES
Dogs YES
Doughnuts YES
Sunday talk (DO YOU WANT IT) if YES, Mike Martin has 6 other subjects,or I can bored the shite out of you

Rotary Shelter Box will not be ROTARY manned, but Rotary Folks may join up Friday for the social gathering.


Do not P.M me offering to send money to make up for £0, If you do I will be rude, as you did what was asked you paid and spent.