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Thread: Many thanks

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    WOW!!! Who would have thought a field could provide ‘5 Star’ facilities and catering Bill you are an absolute star – your generous efforts and organisation that obviously went in to making this such a fantastic weekend is unequalled. We can’t thank you enough! AMAZING!!! It was worth buying a GS just to be there!

    We, and the great bunch of ‘Tossers’ that enjoyed your hospitality, had a brilliant time – it’s going to be a hard act to follow! The cocktails and ‘hot chocolate’ had a lot answer for too, we’re just relieved that Dave managed to emerge from his pit this morning!

    Thanks for the great ride out Rushy - the hills are certainly alive, brilliant scenery, a special treat for us Norfolk folk!

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    Bill - It was exceptional. A huge effort, and enormous generosity.

    You are one class act Sir.

    Huge, huge thanks.

    2008 R1200GSA
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    Bill, thank you so very much for a brilliant weekend....the thought and effort you have put into making this do as fabulous as it was, from the soap and toothbrushes through to the gormet food and scrumptious ales and's truly heartwarming to know that gentlemen like you still exist in the world

    A big thanks to Rushy for a great run out on some smashing roads and a really nice breakfast to tide me over till tea time

    For me I think this has been the friendliest GS do I've ever been to, just the right size to have drunken chats with everyone (whether they wanted a drunken chat or not!)

    And Ash...the view of your quivering buttocks will go with me to my grave
    Superheroes and evil twins go together like peanut butter and... evil peanut butter!

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    BillH = Legend
    A ridiculous amount of planning, hard work and a very significant amount of cash went into making sure a few of his mates , and a lot of 'strangers', had a great weekend.

    A big thanks to everyone else who contributed by helping BillH with the food and organisation etc, You know who you are , even if some of us don't

    And as always it was nice to meet up with some new faces as well as the good old ,and getting older, regulars from this funhouse.

    I really enjoyed your company guys which is what really makes these events..... It just takes fantastic blokes like Bill to make that happen ...thanks again fella

    As the great philosopher Keating once wrote " Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta ride it!" ------Amen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Bouncer View Post
    I don't think the word 'thank you' actually goes far enough after this weekend of being thoroughly spolit by BILL...

    My executive accommodation
    Wonderful venue/setting
    Food & drink was really first class
    A really nice gathering of people (even Att...)
    Fantastic barn & bails
    Superb ride out courtesy of Phil

    I would like to apologise though, for myself, Mutley & Toad; our utterly appalling attempt @ Arabic poetry in the barn got out of hand, fuelled by mini cocktails that weren't particularly nice, but it amused us...and then Mutley threw the lot up by the fire.....
    you are correct about the " thank you " bit.
    But no words would be enough for what Bill did for us all other the weekend and the weeks / months before the events.............
    + it was a quick post via my iphone.
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

    UKGSER-A place where I've wasted so much time, learned so much, laughed a lot and cried a few times.

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    It was brilliant and then some
    I am going to find some words to adequately describe, as my vocabulary is not comprehensive enough!
    It really was an honour to be part of it, everyone was chilled, relaxed and just nice.

    Bill.......No words have yet been found, so I may have to make some up. For now, it has to be the best 'do' ever, in so many ways

    When folk go out of their way in so many ways to help and make you feel so good......Well, it just restores all faith in humanity and then some.
    I am truly blessed to know such people It`s gonna make it hard to be a miserable bastard for the next few months
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    Up a hill in Somerset!
    Fantastic location, superb food and choice of refreshments, the most generous host I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and brilliant company all weekend.

    All the i's were dotted, all the t's were crossed - and then some.

    Thank you Bill, very, very much.

    Andy & Paula.
    Every day I wake up is a good day.

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    Bill, as a UKGser event attending 'virgin tosser' I fully echo Hooty's sentiment's about you're was absolutely spot on...a sincere thank you

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    I had a fantastic time thank you to everyone who chatted and made me laugh and especially our host and his helpers. Also to Barb and Prof for getting me there and Andy and Paula for Fridays veggie food. Andy thank you for the lovely ride and doing my first ford! What more could you want from a weekend I loved it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timolgra View Post
    Every so often someone, somewhere makes sense of this whole UKGSer thing.

    Bill, you hit the spot perfectly in every respect.

    Thank you

    It was emotional

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    Bill, I can't thank you enough for such a great weekend and warm welcome. Apart from a few messages back and forward I was a stranger by all accounts yet I was made to fell so content and relaxed simply by your kindness and friendliness.
    The weekend is not over for me yet, I'm sitting in Holyhead waiting on the boat home, I'm wrecked but would do it all again in a heartbeat.
    You will sleep well tonight after all your hard work safe in the knowledge that you have given us all a weekend to remember.

    Thank you again and if you're ever in Co Down you can rest assured you will be well looked after

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    There are men who talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

    And then there's Bill. To humble and modest to talk the talk.

    But who walks along with the giants matching them stride for stride .

    A pleasure to know someone with such a generous soul. And not forgetting his neighbours and syco who pitched in with food help.

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    Shropshire do

    Well, dunno what I can add to the compliments to Bill so far but just a big thank you, best rally I've been to bar none. So thank you very much Bill and just make sure you come to plenty of other Tosser do's.
    Old GSer's never die, they just fall off more often!.

    So many cats, so few recipies!!.

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    Bill words elude me at the moment as i am still coming to terms with the weekend as a whole...generosity, friendliness, location, weather, the ride up through Wales, meeting old friends &,,ale on tap,
    Humbled, is all i can muster at present....Thankyou

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    Thank you all for comming up to the STD

    Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm very pleased, content and not to say somewhat embarressed by the outpourings on this thread. Grown men and women so easily swayed by a couple of kegs of beer and some poraloos.
    The only signs that anything untoward went on over the weekend are the remains of two camp fires and the waft from the yet-to be-collected and slowly fermenting Tardisis (Tardi?)
    By a stroke of fortune this morning, after I had re-bagged the rubbish that the foxes had strewn along the drive, I was contemplating the logistics of transorting around twenty bin-bags to the tip in the back of a Smart car when the dustmen arrived at the cottages opposite. A quick nod and wink and the handing over of a box of bread battons left over from Saturday, saw the weekend's detritus wisked away and the final clearing up is now done.
    The planning and execution of the weekend gave me something to do and some focus, something which I've been lacking for a while, and it resulted in a gathering of some very decent folks, all of whom pulled the weekend together with their time, efforts and contributions.

    Downsides from the event for me? well, due to a number of very kind persons known and unknown, who sidled up to me bearing McVitie's products and alcohol of many colours and tastes, I seem to have finished the weekend with as many full bottles as I started , so that might mean that we have to repeat the whole grim farrago just to use it up
    Thoughts go out to IJGser, Ditchwater and Mr Badger who were unable to attend.
    Bill, Jake and Crumpet
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    Illegitimis nil carborundum

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    Thanks Bill. I was there in spirit. I knew it was going to be a blast. Glad everyone had such a good time.


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