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Thread: Ouch

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    Quote Originally Posted by STUBBS View Post
    the joys of 20 / 20 hindsight
    You would have been dead since September
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    Holy Moley that's horrible. Even though I obviously knew what was going to happen the appearance of the Punto absolutely surprised me.
    Like the rider I was just enjoying the ride, marvelling at the road, the scenery & the weather then out of nowhere 'Bang'.

    TBH the lad's clearly a far better rider than me & it's a right good lesson of how things can just go suddenly tits up.

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    If you pause it just as the car starts to appear you can see he's pretty much middle of the road. Closer to the white line may have opened up a view of the car earlier and allowed him to scrub off some of the speed.

    Just shows how quick it can all go pear shaped though.

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    Any comments from the professional riders out there?

    Why should professional riders comment, just means we get/got paid for it, dont mean actualy any good, or know more about it than anyone else!!!!
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    I hope the outcome of this RTC was not life changing. A lesson here for us all.
    Being of a seafarer background with some knowledge of how that sun moves across the sky during the day I've soon learnt after my just 5 years of riding the caution required when you see your own shadow extended anything forward of the motorcycle as shown in quite a few parts of this movie, especially the last couple of seconds. This means the sun is directly or nearly right behind you, the longer the shadow, the lower the sun, more blinded drivers approaching will be. You can see from the shadows of the sign posts opposite the vehicle and the reflection on the drivers glass at impact he/she is looking pretty much into the sun with a slight strobed effect as the shadows of the nearby bush take effect. My car advanced driving instructor taught me peep and creep out from junctions, always be ready to stop. This car just carried on.
    Speed of rider was obviously a major factor here, revs were relatively low, gear was high, a lower gear would have offered much increased engine breaking effect as I think the rider only just had time to back off the throttle. There appears no front nose dive as if front brakes were even applied. Come back 10 seconds from impact and the peripheral vision gained on those lovely opening bends will have given much joy and right hand twist action to the rider just leaving a village, we've all done the wind it out moment after yet another village slowing our passage. Too many other variables to mention.
    My top tip: When you see anything like your own bikes shadow ahead of you try resist the temptation to comically wave at yourself knowing it will look great when you play the camera footage back but concentrate just a little harder knowing things ahead may not see you so well.
    Off to wipe an oily rag over my sextant and prepare the azimuth ring. Ahoy shipmates. Ride safe.

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