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Thread: a strange man came travelling

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    a strange man came travelling

    on a shitta from afar - hey fire me the lobby in the hotel kept playing chris de burgh and paddy reilly records

    a wee snifter in holyhead waiting for the boat on thursday

    photo rally alumni on the boat

    night nurse for him

    against the grain in dub - dark porter he said - omnomnom i went

    got any harp - thatll be a no then

    came out at 0130 and needed sustenance - he said theres a chipper i said theres a noodle across the road - noodles win

    im moving in - the hostel - and free tea and toast in the morning - not bad for 24 quid

    the morning after

    headed for wicklow

    to paraphrase bruce willis 'this keeps happening'

    epic fail on the wicklow point (gerry hates me)

    did wexford after that then headed to call via

    and grauigenmanagh - BRILLIANT road even on a knacker

    blackberry cafe thomastown

    up to horan near callan

    ya learn something everyday

    also are the cuffe lot the same as the street in dublin??

    mad buggas in tipperary (gwan tipp )

    hope yis all enjoyed them when jo passed them round


    im def coming back


    inch on the dingle


    dutch friend loves this stuff - sadly couldnt bring any home due to packaging carrying interface issues

    on the way from inch or to south pole i cant remember

    it was all nice

    haywood gate laois

    shame about the weather and the fact i rode past clocking the graveyard and not noticing the ruin

    just up from the ruin ps whats the differnce between fanore and kilfanora - similar but not - why???

    party animals




    rob got an award does the king ballix have a twin

    view from hotel this morning


    captions welcome (why is it always trev )

    why woulda ya 12 (fight)

    we arent that much trouble honest

    not long afer that i left

    planned on leaving with bilco and crew but stopped for petrol first and after them blowing me away from holyhead when we landed -glad i didnt id have held them up although they passed while i stopped for ice cream on tolka quay - bike is shite its going

    thanks again to all crazy people who went/organised/took the piss etc

    ps wicklow - i know i know - its me age

    next trip either durrow in a fortnight for the vintage show although unlikely as the bike needs tax tomorrow but then all the ni ones and balbriggan end of may as theres a gig in armagh i can do while there

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    Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see - Arthur Schopenhauer

    Gerry C

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    nw england

    haywood gates laois (im such a tard)

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    Name:  Ireland route bar rally.jpg
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    Bar the rally day - our route

    Celia did ask why we ended up in the"furthest village in Ireland from Dublin" when on the last day we had to go home via Dublin
    luvvin it

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