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Thread: Flashing rear lights

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    Flashing rear lights

    I have recently purchased a helmet camera and I filming my bike and my wife's GS650. On playback I noticed the rear LED lights flash on and off at about indicator speed. The video is HD at 30 frame/second, this flashing cannot be seen normally.
    Do LEDs have a frequency? could this be why every bike I have had with LEDs seems to eat dipped headlight bulbs?

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    Yes LEDs have a frequency, but it should make no difference to headlamp bulbs at all.

    Try Halfords Heavy Duty bulbs/lamps.

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    LED's are normally multiplexed to control the brightness and save battery power - so yes this is normal. Nothing to to do with dipped headlight bulbs, they fail regularly because they tend to be switched on all the time.

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    the 'effect' you are seeing is much the same as when a TV picture is filmed/ video'ed
    Lo-IQ could give a more scientific answer.

    Again, of no relevance to the headlamp bulbs blowing at all

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    What they all said

    I can't see any reason why the presence of any LED on a bike should affect any normal filament type bulb though.....there's no phenomenon (do do da do doo) associated with LEDs that I know about that would cause that
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    The brightness of LED lights is controlled with "Pulse Width Modulation" which basically means they turn the LED on and off a number of times a second, the longer the pulse the brighter the LED. This is technology is used on regular lamps also and can massively increase the lamp life, it been used on cars for many years. If you are getting lots of blown headlamps consider the quality of the lamp your fitting and make sure you don't have any poor connections on the lamp holder.

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    You can get LED dimmers that allow non multiplexed LEDs to be dimmed or rather show reduced intensity the light colour remains the same. The appear to flash on video unless the dimmer is turned off.

    This does 4 amps more than enough for most bike size LED spots/floods on the market -
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