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Thread: Arai Lids Quantum F

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    Arai Lids Quantum F

    Get in quick !! Have been looking for a new lid for a while, and really fancied the Quantum F which was retailing at around £329 in shops and on-line at around £250 mark, plus P.P

    By all accounts this popular lid is going to be dis-continued and M/City had it on offer at £229. However only have some race replica's left, and 3 or 4 colours. I wanted the Grey to match the 'Beak' !!

    Went to Fowlers in Bristol and they too had them at £229 and in my colour !! They are selling fast, job done, out comes my flexible friend. One 'F' for a silly price. Other out-lets are NOT knocking down the price, so if you are after a new lid, worth a look. They also have the Arai R7 down to £350 instead of £450, IF you are afer a top of the range.

    For what its worth lads and lasses !!

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    The Reason

    They are being discontinued because Arai's are the noisiest lids of all and the fidley little air vents are a real pain, also the air whistles in where the visor lifting latch is and causes your left eye to water.

    Leave it alone, get a schuberth concept.

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    Originally posted by Jimb

    Leave it alone, get a schuberth concept.
    ...and look like one of the cast for a 'Smash' potatoe advert

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    ...and look like one of the cast for a 'Smash' potatoe advert

    yes get a schuberth.then:
    you too can say" they peel them with their metal knives"

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    I think the best advise here is buy the helmet that fits you the best.

    I brought a Quantum F in a small my last helmet was large! the seller of the Quatum persisted in getting me to buy the smallest lid I could get on.

    It bloody hurt to take it on an off and I really thought i'd end up with rugby player it fits like a glove.

    So if it fit's and you'll know if you try a few others go for it....I've never had aproblem with venting.

    I supose its worth adding a true test of comfort for me was the Sahara or bust trip 4300 miles in 7 days one day of 20 hours.

    I used and took plenty of soft ear plugs and spent a lot of time at high speed.
    Sell my bike?
    I would rather stick wasps up my arse !

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    Interesting !

    My 'head' is the Arai shape, and these fit me like a glove !! Before I bought I did check the Mcn boards on products and it is an interesting read from owners who own the lids. By far all really rated it, and concur a bit of noise, but tell me a lid which is quiet ? As I am a ear plug man, no problems.

    I also own a Concept !! Depends on what I am doing, which lid will I wear ! There is loads on the Concept on this site, and either you love the style or not. I got mine on the cheap (Thanks to Bilko ! ) but for me I do find it noisey, and a bit bulky.

    As to the MCN site, the products board is worth a read on any buying issues

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    Blah blah

    Quite agree with all you say Wreford, other than an off road and open face helmets I haven't worn anything else/less for last 12years.

    Draughty? then visor not adjusted properly. Fit a neoprene draft excluder, use tape to stop it slipping off. But I have experienced draft around the eyes so either use sunglasses or clear.

    Find them too claustrophobic to use a Foggy so use Bob Heath demister.

    Fiddly air vents? How often is that a problem, at least it has some.

    Noise? ear plugs.

    Expensive? Yes
    After sales service? second to none.


    Jesus I sound like an Arai salesman so I'll stop!

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    The noise issue is a very personal thing. I have a Quantum E, and I have found the noise levels to be decent enough. I just got a Quantum F at Carnells for £229, and on my Triumph, its is very good indeed. I haven't tried it on the GS as yet. The other thing about the Arai's is the quality. They are superb in that respect.


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