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Thread: Bring and Buy / For Sale table

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    Bring and Buy / For Sale table

    We have decided to have a For Sale area for people to sell off any bike related stuff.

    As noted elsewhere, I have various bits left behind by Canuck last year. I also have various bits that are surplus to requirements and some items that were donated in the past. MickDB1 has just informed me that Jaber is bringing DVDs of his trip to India with Belpher Phil.

    I will make a full list of everything if I have time.

    Feel free to bring anything you want to sell. Proceeds can be 100% to the seller or donated to Air Ambulance or shared however you like.

    Canucks bits are for a 1986 R80 mono:
    Front wheel with decent tyre
    Front axle
    Front mudguard
    Side panels
    Front brembo brake and brake lines.
    Rear wheel with decent tyre
    Rear mudguard
    Bottom yoke and steering stem

    Other stuff:
    Tank bags x 2
    Gearsack bag
    Krauser K2 panniers with all fittings
    Boots size 42 waterproof
    Akito leather boots
    SBS t shirt Newsize L
    Adjustable windscreen x 2
    Spada Enduro jacket size XL

    Bits from my R65
    Speedo 13,589 miles
    Rear mudguard (fits numerous other airheads)
    Front forks
    Front twin brembo brakes complete with brake lines and master cylinder
    Top and bottom yoke

    Bits from R80/7
    Front forks
    Rear sub frame
    RTfairing and ALL fittings
    Standard downpipes

    Alien Enduro fairings x 2

    Numerous other bits

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    great idea i just hope i leave with less than i bring
    <img src= border=0 alt= title=Motomartin class=inlineimg />

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    Cheers Sid... it was a 1986 r80 monolever... not an RT though.. just the naked road bike as shown if you google bmw r80 1986... the first red bike you see!

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    Well I'll be bringing a festival of 1150 off road wheels. Including 2 delicious 21" fronts. not exactly air head stuff I know but they'll be there...
    Tnx Mike

    ...are you up for the Big Bike Rally Challenge

    Let me know if I can help with advice on green laning and rallying your 1150 GS/GSA

    - Renthal Fat Bars
    - 21" Front wheels
    - Mods that are REALLY needed

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