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Thread: a BIG Thank you

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    a BIG Thank you

    Thanks again for a top event Sid. Great hospitality, scoff, banter etc as always and the GSA is good for a while longer with its new clutch.

    Nice to see a some of the crew I met last year again, and also a few new faces to boot.

    As usual I was crap and didn't take any piccies, but there were some luverly bikes there this year. Hopefully someone will post something up...

    Till next time, Mike F.
    Tnx Mike

    ...are you up for the Big Bike Rally Challenge

    Let me know if I can help with advice on green laning and rallying your 1150 GS/GSA

    - Renthal Fat Bars
    - 21" Front wheels
    - Mods that are REALLY needed

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    we had a great time to , thanks for the hospitality great food and drink and of corse my trophy

    <img src= border=0 alt= title=Motomartin class=inlineimg />

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    Yep, thank Sid and the family. Last minute decision to turn up, welcomed with open arms as usual. Thanks to Sumprat for his cooking skills.
    Great to see some of the usual faces and some new ones.

    Thanks for noticing my lovely 1150GS Mike, it's been a long hard slog to give it that patina, but I think it really works

    Thanks to Mick and Steve for the company home.

    Fat blokes bounce better

    "The human race is being overun by muppets, it's like fraggle f*ckin rock down here!!!"

    flipfly - Dec 2012

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    Flipfly it was funny to see your face when you realised your bag had gone. Glad you and Peter managed to find it.

    You Guys are always welcome anytime , your a pleasure to have around and i love having my cuddles with you all

    Thanks to every one to helped in the kitchen washing up etc. The extra help was really welcome this year

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    Many thanks too all for a great weekend. Great food and drink in tosser size portions.
    Even the weather was kind.
    Kind regards

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    Top stuff from the top event team
    Food was again first class as was the company
    Hope everyone esle enjoyed it as much as me

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    Thanks Sid, Ann, Simon and Peter. Thanks too to those who helped out as well.

    As usual, another great weekend meeting up with new and old friends. only got rained on once (Deafening it was).

    Thanks Simon for the smoked Garlic and cheese.

    See you all again soon.

    Val. & Jill
    You know!?, it's the people who live in the land that always seem to make it more beautiful than it already appears.

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    Thanks to Sid, Ann, Simon and Peter and every one else who made the weekend so successful.

    It was good to meet up with so many people and I was more than happy to help out where I could with my expert technical advice, whether it was needed or not!

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    Thank you to everyone who came.

    Another very successful event with very friendly atmosphere. I was pleased to see some very nice Airheads. Great to see some old friends again and nice to make some new friends with the newcomers. The cider and ale were well received and nothing was left over.
    Nobody went hungary with the tosser sized portions although a few diets were suspended over the weekend.

    I was especially pleased that Dan the helicopter pilot from Devon Air Ambulance Trust was able to attend on his KTM690 although he has a R100/7 at home that he is rebuilding.

    He invited us up to the heli base today where he explained in detail how helis work. I now understand auto-rotate.

    I still have to sort out all the bills and work out the exact costs but it like we have also raised a few quid for this vital charity which Barclays will double.

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