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Thread: Many thanks

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    Many thanks

    What a cracking weekend.
    Many thanks to Andy for organising the event.
    Many thanks to both Andy's for the ride out ( shame about the scenery, empty roads and appalling weather )
    And last a thank you to The Humbugs catering company......

    A great weekend to say the least....
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

    UKGSER-A place where I've wasted so much time, learned so much, laughed a lot and cried a few times.

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    Thanks Ash and a huge thanks to Andy for finding such a brilliant venue and sorting things out. The company was excellent, as always, the weather glorious and the ride out was one of the best I've been on. Let's do it again - soon.

    We're sorry we weren't able to host this event due to unforseen circumstances but a better alternative than this one would have been hard to find.

    Here are a few pictures. Do you recognise the new image of Buddha?

    Every day I wake up is a good day.

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    Great pics, thanks for sharing and by gum I recognize a few of those bikes !!
    Remember, we are only here for a good time, not a long time !

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    A really nice weekend in great company the saturday ride out took in spectacular scenery and some brilliant roads well done Devon and Humbug this is definitely an event for next years diary brilliant fun.
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    A really nice weekend. Thank you Andy for organising it and all of you for making me welcome.
    Next time it'll be tents only or will I be on my own?
    You're a big bunch of softies really!

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    many thanks for a great weekend.

    fantastic location, and ride out, and great weather. what more could you ask?

    oh, and the humbug family food was marvellous too

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    Fab weekend. We stayed an extra night and only just got home.

    Excellent campsite, spotlessly clean and well maintained with superb fishing lake stocked full of fish.

    Good to meet up with many old friends and talk bollox with them whilst eating fine food and getting sloshed.

    Combined with great weather it was a perfect weekend.

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    Echo the above, glad I made the effort to pop over for Saturday night
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    Indeed, many thanks for a fantastic event.....Weather could not have been equalled....The folk were just brill.....And I got the opportunity to meet the coolest person on the planet
    An Airstream, a T5 and a proper Triumph.....Jeremy Clarkson would kill himself in envy

    The Indian bike looked cool, sounded a bit rough, but it did look nice.

    And a special thanks to Devon plod for pulling me over with their unmarked Volvo estate.....Sorry it took several miles before I noticed you, but you could of lit it up earlier
    Your dog unit was dressed properly and not needed.....I have no knowledge of any hammer that you may or may not have referred to.....I have a lovely beige plastic fly swat though
    I don`t do road rage, I do fucking around and having fun.....Our perceptions differ slightly in the execution
    Pulled over in a wobbly box........Life really does not get any better


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    Thank's to everyone for a great weekend. The weather was good and I really enjoyed the Coast/Exmoor 5000 calorie ride out

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