Yep, dragging up a near year-old thread... Trying to avoid starting a new one, and this seems a good a thread to ask my question on...

The Wilbers shock in OP's pics has a black spring - is that the cheaper "Blackline" shock, or the dearer "Blueline" one fitted with black springs?

Assuming the the cheaper Blackline shocks would be grand for commuting & weekend spins, could they also be considered up to the job of touring, loaded with one rider and a modest bit of luggage (no pillion), including some light off-road action?

The blurb for both front & rear says (bolding by me):

"Stepless adjustable spring preload by using the included spanner tool.

With the radial-piston and the progressive shim-package you’ll always get the optimal damping.

High-quality, maintenance-free spherical plain bearings promise long and healthy life.

5 years warranty with ABE.

A pair (for 1100GS) would be €780 (excl shipping), which seems pretty cheap compared to most other options from what I gather?