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Thread: Dubai - a desert trip

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    Dubai - a desert trip

    I'm posting this in a couple of sections, hoping to find the right spot...

    My wife and I have a couple of days in Dubai coming up, and we'd like to make a quick trip into the desert.

    I moved to Abu Dhabi at the age of 5, and went to the Al - Khubairat Community school for a few years, and loved wadi bashing and beach driving, however my parents moved back to the uk when I was 17 and I haven't been back since.

    My wife has never seen a desert, and this trip is also an opportunity to see the world I grew up in, for us to share our pasts as well as our futures. Believe me I know I won't recognise Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Jebel Ali or Sharjah etc... but we're taking a couple of days out to see the souks, the architecture and the beach, before heading to Taiwan for the rest of our break. (mrs me is Taiwanese...)

    So, can anyone recommend me a local expat group or company that we can hook up with for a half day blast out into the hot sandy open space, get our feet burnt then back to Dubai. I've been googling and found a few organised tours, but they are costly and full of unnecessary extras... We'd really like to jump in a 4wd and literally go for a drive, no camel hugging, kebab picnics etc...

    We had a wide group of friends across the UAE that we went on wadi bashing trips with, and the reason I don't want to just hire a Landy and go is safety in numbers and local knowledge... A break down in 40 degree heat with no back up... no thanks!

    Please let me know what you think, and pm me for my email to pass on to anyone / any party you can suggest.

    Many thanks.


    Me 30 years ago... love Landys!

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    If you only have a couple of days, your choice is very limited. Spend the time visiting the big shopping malls and buy the wife some designer wear. Temperature already in the 40's.
    Yes, AD and Dubai have certainly expanded enormously. Visit the HD shop on Sheik Zayadh street and get some T-shirts, use the Metro system to move around the city. See the Atlantis Palm hotel, Burj Khalifa or try some snow boarding at the Emirates mall.
    Or hire a car and visit Al-Ain, Hatta fort. There are plenty of off roads to try your luck at desert riding but, best do it through a tourist group. Expensive but, you only do it once.

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    Sorry, bit late i fear....
    I have some Buddies out there, we used to take tours out into the desert on 450 Hondas and KTMs, I wouldn't recommend an 800gs in full on desert conditions. We used to work for Sandstorm Motorcycles, sadly the company closed. But I have a buddy still there, Sam Smith that now works for Emirates Bike Tours.. give them a call and tell Sam Dave from Sandstorm sent you..
    I used to ride a lot with Sam and our very best British Dakar rider Sam Sunderland around the deserts close to Dubai all the time, great guys and you wont find a better guide....

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