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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    We are soon to be moving to the Ariege and will be bring our GS's with us. Does anyone have an email address to obtain an EU Cerificate of Compliance which (I am lead to believe) I will require to register our bikes in France,


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    Hi John,
    this should help:
    I've registered a few UK BMWs in France, never had a problem, (all under 106bhp).
    If you get in touch with BMW France, they'll take the details of the bike then send you a few documents which you then take to your nearest BMW dealer along with the bike.
    The dealer verifies that the tyre sizes, etc, are as standard, the headlamp complies and the speedometer shows kmh.
    You then return the paperwork to BMW France who send you the certificate of conformity.
    Last time I did it BMW France charged 170euros for the certificate, the dealer may also charge for the inspection.
    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Mick
    Thank you for your help, very much appreciated,
    Ps I'll let you know how I get on.

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    A decent UK dealer will get you one for free.

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    Our prefecture refuses to accept the UK version, even though the information is 100% correct! They insist in the document being in French, from the French importer.
    Have heard that some prefectures are more compliant, but unfortunately mine isn't.
    Probably worth a try with the UK version, the worse they can say is 'non'.

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    I have registered two GS's in France and my experience was completely different for both - and different from the one described above, so it would be best to check with your local Prefecture exactly what is required for your department/region. My experience was with the Haute Garonne (31). The first bike I registered was an '05 1200GS in 2007. The Sous Prefecture accepted the Certificate of Conformity that I had got (free of charge) from Vines and the process was straightforward. Total cost €165 for the Carte Grise.

    The second bike was a 2002 1150GS, which I bought in the UK in December 2010. The process was less straightforward because the homologation number on the UK CoC was not recognised on the French system. I had to write to BMW in Paris, sending them a copy of the V5 and a photo of the VIN number. They then told me what needed to be modified in order to bring the bike up to French norms. Once I provided proof that the work had been carried out, they sent the CoC. Again, there was no charge for the Certificate of Conformity.

    In the Haute Garonne, inspections are done by the DRIRE, not by a dealer. Roynie had all sorts of fun and games registering his 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050cc!

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    Thank you all for your help and support. We are planning to arrive 1st week of May and no doubt this will be one of the many challenges we will face. I may very well be back if I get struck!
    In the meantime thanks again

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    Just thought I'd pass on that following a phone call to my local dealer Ocean in Plymouth. Both Certificate of Compliances arrived today in post.
    Ps back to the packing!

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