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Thread: South Dales ride

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    Sunny Warrington
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny Jim View Post

    That'll teach you Andy!

    teach me? TEACH ME! no no no, no way cant let that one go Jim sorry.

    it went like this fellow readers:

    sat nav to Jims brain,
    sat nav to Jims brain, this is sat nav calling: we need to turn left in 300yards.

    Jims brain here: im not listening to you sat nav your telling me lies again!

    sat nav to jims brain: Honest Jim we need to turn left 200yards

    Jims brain here: No. I'm not having it, have you seen that tree? lovely tree that, look at that wall? some work gone into that wall you know.

    sat nav to Jims brain: you really need to start to slow down here Jim, this is the 3rd left turn I've told you about that you've missed on this little trip and we need to turn left in 100 yards

    Jims brain here: nice day for a ride don't you think sat nav?

    sat nav to Jims brain: Im not messing about here Jim we are doing 60mph an we need to turn left here in 30 yards!
    sat nav to Jims brain: we've missed another left turn Jim we now need to do another U turn!

    Jims brain here: OK if we must.
    Jims brain to controlling hands an feet: hit the brakes and anchors on and perform U turn just to keep sat nav happy! and we will do a RIGHT turn!..............don't like left turns

    Andy's eyes to Andy's brain, Andy's eyes to Andy's brain: that tiny candle of a rear red light on Jims bike has just got brighter and Jim is getting closer at one hell of a rate!

    Andy's brain to Andy's eyes has Jim hit something?

    Andy's eyes to Andy's brain: no but we have a road off to the left here and Jim is now doing a U Turn.

    Andy's brain here to everything: this is urgent! all stop ALL STOP! and make a left, Jims brain has malfunctioned again an he's missed another left turn.
    Andy's brain to self: wow! these brakes are good almost missed that left turn then

    It was an interesting day

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    It'll be his age....

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    South Northants
    Thanks Jim for taking the trouble to arrange the great roads for the Southern Dales ride out. Great roads and stunning scenery. Good to meet the other guys in the group too.

    Nice to catch up with you Jim after such a long time and I am glad you are now active on here once more.

    The highlight of the ride? Jim's wallet escaping from his bike and Magnon stopping to pick it up. I said to him let's have a divvy up before you give it to Jim and he said, "I've already taken a twenty out of it"

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    you sound just like my mrs ... She too knows I have a 'love/hate' relationship with the bitch on the GPS !

    Dave ... I know where you live ... Do we use my gps next week or should I leave it at home

    Phil and Jenny - great to see you both and catch-up - Pam says hi

    Fatal ... Get Yourself and Kenny over here on the old sheds anytime for another hoot around the area

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    Jim, thanks for organising an excellent ride out on Saturday with our small group of "chosen ones" whom it was a pleasure to meet and ride with. Here's to the next event.

    Thanks for the twenty quid BTW

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