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Thread: Track Tuition from a GS?

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    Have a look at these. Not gs riders but they do 1 on 1 training and 2-3 to 1 training. Instruvtors laid back and informative. Not a free for all loke some trackdays.
    Went there in May on my MTS.

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    Thought it might be worth a mention. Balderstons at Peterborough are having an open day Sat 6th Feb, as are most others for new bike launch. But I was told yesterday Baldos have done a deal on the Cadwell courses run by the Lincs partnership and Hopp Training arranging a BMW special September 7th, £99 for the day. That date isn't published by the partnership people, not yet anyway.

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    I was Lucky to ride one on one with Dave Halsall up Stelvio Pass on Motorrad Days 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giles View Post
    Funny how styles have changed over the years. When I was young and first got into sports bikes it was the time of Doohan, Schwantz, Rainey etc.
    I used to copy Doohans style and wrap myself around the side of the bike with that very pronounced lead from the shoulder.
    Then you had the like of Schwantz who sat very inline with his bike (sometimes even pushed it underneath him dirt bike style)

    .... and so the styles move on and adapt as bikes and tyres get better and better. Even Lorenzo and Rossi changing styles in the last few years ....

    Lorenzo barely moved more than one bum cheek three or four years ago - look how he's changed his style in the last three years ..

    Just have a look at the different styles between road racers and circuit racers. A good example was Ian Hutchinson and Josh Elliot in the Super stock race at Silverstone. Both race for Tyco BMW and they finished consecutively so the difference was clear to see. Where Josh hanged off like the new aggressive style, Hutchy stuck his body out more. This is for a better view and allows you to see more of the road or track. Micheal Rutter also has a more Schwantz style like the old hands.

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    Middle section half used, outer section not used, versus a 100% unused anywhere (yesterday), in readiness for a little 2,000 mile trip
    Too shiny and clean to use it properly.

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