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Thread: Australia, Sydney. Independent Servicing

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    Australia, Sydney. Independent Servicing

    Hi Folks!

    I've just moved from London, UK to Sydney, Australia. Just wondering if there's any GSers out there to talk to????
    The bike is coming over in a box in a couple of weeks (2007 R1200GS) It will eventually need some work doing so I'm looking out for an independent mechanic in Sydney or the surrounding area. Anyone got any recommendations?

    I used to use Steptoe in S/W London but he wouldn't go in the crate with the bike.



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    Independent near Sydney

    Hello Tim. I have been in touch with a friend of mine who has recently moved from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. He has lived and ridden in Sydney, for a long time. He says that his knowledge is mainly of North Sydney area. If you let me know via a PM where abouts you are in Sydney, I will pass on Brian's details. Best wishes, RobA.

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    I live in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I'm in the UK at the mo but I'll be back there mid November.

    I've used Procycles for the past few years. Had a KTM 950 before the current water-cooled GS as they are KTM dealers also.

    They have been fine in my experience, have a reasonable rep as far as I know. They have Hornsby and St Peters branches.
    I tend to do quite a bit of servicing myself and then get them to remove codes and fix anything I've mucked up. I couldn't bleed the rear brake system last time properly so they sorted that for example. And they are fine to help with advice etc.

    Sorry I can't offer more wide ranging advice, I don't get to do that many miles on the bikes unfortunately and, as I said, I try to do most of the servicing myself.

    Not sure how familiar you are with Sydney/Oz but I'd be happy to meet up when I return and offer info, beer and nosh.

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    Contact Us - Directions - Hours


    Our Passion. Your Adventure.

    29 Clyde Street Rydalmere

    NSW 2116 Australia

    Phone 02 9638 4488

    Fax 02 9638 5044

    Motohansa P/L

    ABN 34 079 965 658

    Motohansa workshop is open during the following hours/days:

    Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 5.30pm
    Saturday: 9.00am – 12.00pm

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    Or give a try.

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