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Thread: Filtering through stationary traffic at traffic lights

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    Filtering through stationary traffic at traffic lights

    I was sat in a car as a passenger a few weeks ago when we came to a set of traffic lights on cross roads on a main A road on red. we were the 4th car back in lane 1 and approaching the lights there was a short section where the road had 2 lanes in our direction for turning left/going straight on but no central barrier and at the lights a 3rd lane for turning right separated from lanes 1 and 2 by an area that had one of the traffic lights on it. As we waited for the lights and traffic built up in both lanes 2 bikes split the traffic and stopped in between the 1st 2 cars between lanes 1 and 2. After the lights the road went back to single carriageway after about 100 yards. They were a student and instructor on an advanced ride.

    Once the lights turned green they accelerated between the 2 lines of cars but it left me thinking 'what if' wondering if the instructor was putting himself at risk, as if his student cocked up he'd have nowhere to go but what do others think and do the sages on here have any general advice on what is/isn't good practice?

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    Good practice is making your own observations and not relying on the observation of others....

    I expect the instructer was doing this, and I suspect he would have also told his student, you do your ride and don't worry about me.

    I find threads seeking do's and don't worrying.....
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