Hi, I am looking at doing a RTW trip in 2017 having previously ridden in Europe, Africa and South America. Only two things I wanted to see on the trip was the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.
I usually just travel alone and am an "easy going" type of person, although my wife might not agree.
Was originally looking at heading down to the Pyramids then following coast into India and going to the Taj Mahal. Then heading roughy to Nepal-China direction and finishing the first overland stage in either Bangkok or Tokyo. (VERY flexible)
The area around the Kuwait Iraq border obviously might be a sticking point as it looks as though I might have to travel through Basrah to get to Iran following my coastal route. Also, so far all my attempted contact with the Iranian Embassy has been met with a wall of engaged telephone tones.
I came across these guys:
Whilst doing some research and they seem quite an attracting outfit as you have the option to ride solo when you want and dip in and out of the group at will, whilst having the advantage of the beurocratic paperwork being done for you.
This has got me thinking of going on the trip to Bangkok as part of their tour and then continuing on from Bangkok on my own. They don't got to the Taj Mahal but I could always do that later.
Has anyone used their services and would like to share their experiences?

Thanks in anticipation JimmyMac