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Thread: Amazing day courtesy of Ducati UK

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    Amazing day courtesy of Ducati UK

    What a brilliant day Thursday, I was invited along with around 150 other people to a 'Panigale Trackstar' day at Silverstone, which was a half day on track with 3 sessions managed by the California Superbike School.

    One session on your own bike, Two sessions on either a 959 or 1299S. I was on track in the afternoon, and there were a few demo Bikes available in the morning for a road ride so I took this out…

    I normally try and avoid road imperfections on the 899, but on this I was actively seeking them out. Great fun, although a little tall. Really comfortable though.

    Track sessions were well controlled and ace fun (apart from 2 people crashing). Actually thats a lie, I scare myself sh*tless on track, but its fun in retrospect...

    Much preferred the 959 over 1299S, just fitted like a glove. Not enough (if any difference) that I could feel between that and my 899, other than my right foot constantly being bothered by the exhaust being in the way.

    End summary : my 899 isnt going anywhere, I wouldnt take the 959 or 1299S over it.

    Ducati UK had Mark Potter (Journo) there, the MD of DucatiUK, the product manager for the Panigale (he was showing us around the 1299S which was really cool), Niall McKenzie, and a couple of other racer types (BSB I think), and a race team owner.

    Ducati charged just £50 for the day, but I think that was more to get people to commit than about the price, as they gave you £100 voucher to be spent on Ducati performance products in store as well as a voucher for £1000 to put towards a 'tri-options' deal on a 1299S or £750 on a new 959 (neither of which interests me). Already visited the local Ducati store and purchased three new tops that I wouldnt have done with my own money.

    Random pics below.

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    Nutty would have loved it

    His back may not have though

    Sounds a great day out

    So many roads...........So little time......

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    The Multistrada Enduro is a handsome looking beast I may have a spin out on one soon.
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    They do a low seat for the enduro that means even a midget like me can tip toe.

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