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Thread: Red bull Romaniacs

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    Well done little bruv.

    Something to tell the grandchildren......

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    [QUOTE=paintman;4433800]Well my little bro made it to the end, which was the near impossible hill behind him in the photo. He finished 112 th out of 209 finishers in the bronze group, I think the lad done good.


    I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day, and tomorrow does not look good either..

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    The delayed last day de-brief.😊

    So Day 4 the FINISH

    Bikes loaded and Zippy, Jack and me enjoy an hours drive in the van to the start, Zippy is keeping us laughing as you would if you visited someone in Hospital, and didn't want them to focus on their predicament.

    At the start the humour stops as we consider another day in Romaniacs, 10 minutes before the start and we attempt to start my bike, I cooked it yesterday and had to refill the rad from a river, bike seemed OK afterwards so didn't mention I had issues. This morning though bike want start despite Zippy trying everything, My start time passes and I am getting anxious.

    Bike fires up, Zippy tightens the Cylinder head bolts and I barge in at the front of the start Queue, Not noticing there are two routes away from the start, I take the wrong (Silver) route up an embankment, but I am saved from a major cock up by falling off, allowing Zippy to walk over disparingly, I need pure oxygen to recover from trying to kick start my reluctant bike.

    Zippy says "give it here, your not even going the right way!!, Bronze is straight on FFS"

    I would like to say It's the first instance of heading off in the wrong direction, but if I'm honest, I'm doing it all the time.

    Anyway lesson learnt for the future. I ride for an hour mainly though sloppy mud, big storms overnight. A few errors but nothing too tragic until I pause on a cambered goat track running across a hillside, I focus on this not being a good spot to lose balance, then lose balance tip to the right and me and the bike go over, falling down the hill, luckily a solid tree stops my head and halts the bike too.

    I can't ride the bike back on to the track about 3 meters above me and I am reluctant to head lower as it looks steeper.

    On the bike I have rope attached to the front forks just for such an occasion, I could never see a need for it and deliberated lobbing it last night. This morning I'm glad I didn't.

    All that is required now is a fellow competitor to assist and I'm back in the game.

    Fellow competitors fall into four groups from my short study while forty of them passed me without stopping

    1, The lookawayer, pretends he didn't notice you and your bike perched precariously down below the track, (I fall into this group)

    2, The ERroomassister, would stop to help but only if your missing a head or a limb.

    3. The Onlygoodnewsplease, asks if your OK, but only wants to hear "Yeah fine"
    Even though the evidence in front of him suggests It's likely not everything is not tickertyboo.

    4. The Sucker, stops and helps, wasting valuable energy, I'm probably his third rescue of the morning, Thank God for them.

    Back on track, but bike not starting, I am rescued by a man whose job is to close the Red Bull Course, ensuring their are no riders left behind, Tabi is a lumberjack (#mydreamjob), well that's what I decided he is when he told me he works for the Romanian Forestry Commission, probably stares at a computer all day like the rest of us.

    Tabi declares that he can fix my bike no issue, just give me your spare spark plug and plug spanner.
    Which I do, but he seems positive and a bit frustrated that the spark plug and spanner would be ideal if I was riding a KTM 450 rather than a KTM 300.

    After he calms down, we use pliers to remove the plug and as luck would have it a rider appears from the part of the course Tabi has closed, double luck he is on a KTM300 and carrying a spark plug for a 300, weird.

    He reluctantly hands over the plug. I then stand aside so he can pass without falling in to the abyss.

    So Tabi has got me back in the game, Tabi says I'm to ride with him to the next check, but Tabi turns out to not be as fit as a lumberjack should be, I way up what he has done for me against my own moral code and ditch him, I've got to get to the next time check. not to be timed out for the day, which I manage.

    My bike needs to keep firing till I meet Zippy at what he calls the service point, I call it Lunchtime.

    Today though for Desert Rose Racing service point turns out to be more than tinging a bit of metal against some spokes, check chain tension, then as I presume upon my departure, return to their slumber. #nicelife

    I pull up, Zippy jumps from the Van, I don't know how knows it's me arriving,except that first I go to the wrong service crew, that might of given him a clue.

    I have a 20 minute compulsory break + 10 minutes to get down a 2km track to the start point of the next sector.

    I ask Zippy to swap the Head Gasket and he tells me they are O Rings now, and If I have any in my spares box in the van? I reply I do but not for a 300 EXC.

    The service team next to us XRace Team (their based in Sibiu and you can go riding / practice with them) , lend me the O RINGS and Zippy works his magic, then the mechanics from XRace join in, the result being, O Rings replaced in 26 minutes, 4 minutes to get to the check, which is achievable but I head off in the wrong direction. With Zippy and 6 X Race Team guys shouting after me, I ride back past them sheepishly, they are laughing hard. Then Full Gas for the afternoon trying to get to each check though the amazing forest tracks / boulder streams, before being timed out. I love boulder streams now.

    While riding I ruminate how long I would of lasted in Romaniacs without Desert Rose Racing, not long I think.

    Two hours later I lose a footpeg on a rock this will slow my progress but not the end of the world.

    I ride on and 10K later we are out of the hills and on the 30 K run in to the finish across flatlands.

    My leg is aching now and we get across Sibiu by riding storm drains and river banks, but being Romaniacs, this isn't like riding a canal tow path, I'm not enjoying it, I can't balance well and get stuck on various bits, but the real f***er, was choosing the wrong path through some gloop in a storm drain, despite me pausing at the entrance, looking at the 20 spectators who were expressionless, not willing to give me the easiest path through. Of course I pick the wrong path mainly because I am exhausted, They have to winch the bike out with a 4X4, I am so pissed off.

    So the finish at the Red Bull Hill, all Desert Rose are there and I point out my missing footpeg, quite rightly they have done more this week, than anyone could reasonably ask of a team.

    So now jointly they encourage me to just give the hill a go, and as I sit there at the bottom of the hill, I think to myself I'm not happy.

    I give the hill my best shot and get half way, I can then exit the hill on a chicken run to the right and ride round to the finish, which anyone with a correctly wired brain would do and collect their Red Bull Romaniacs finisher medal,

    But I spit my dummy out, exit the Chicken lane, bypass the finish, ride back to my campervan and open two cans of Strongbow, one for me and one for my buddy Chris Green.

    Chris has timed out of Silver class but is over the moon that he rode silver for three days on the same rear tyre, Chris is Northern that means a lot to him.

    Our Success is Jack, Chris B's son finished Silver at second attempt, we are in awe and proud of him.

    So will I be back next year?

    Yeah probably...

    Getting so close to a finish at Red Bull Romaniacs bar the last 500 meters would not of happened without Desert Rose Racing, Zippy Patsy, Joe and Adam are fantastic at what they do, their knowledge, humour, and bike preparation. I am as always really grateful for all they did for me.

    Hope you enjoyed it, see you in Serres

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    Well its nice to see the lad nearly Finnish, but I would now be classed as a sucker ! Keep at it your only young once!.!.

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