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Thread: Traffic Light Sensor Magnet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    Riding slowly up to the lights always triggers them.
    My grandfather used to do that in his Morris minor when I was a kid sat in the back, from about 100yds out change down to 1st and then chug along as slow as could and lights always went green before he reached them. Not sure why, maybe to save brake shoes? Maybe I should fit the front end off a morris minor on to the bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AberdeenAngus View Post
    Counting makes the lights change.
    Sometimes you only have to count to ten, sometimes to a hundred, but eventually counting always works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wapping View Post
    They work really well. I can only recommend that you buy some and stick them on. Maybe buy three or four sets, tucking one pair in your underpants (where they will boost your already not inconsiderable super powers) and the rest glue to your tinfoil hat, shielding you from thought rays from the planet Zog.
    Surely you would recommend a fifth set to keep in the fridge next to the butter?

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