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Thread: Donation to Charity

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    Donation to Charity

    I was able to present a cheque for £750 to the local disabled group from the proceeds of this years event.
    It's taken months to finalise things due to various other complications inmy life. On the Saturday night of the event when the bbq was in full swing, I received news that my Dad was seriously ill in Jersey. The following week we had our son's wedding. After that I moved to Jersey to nurse my Dad until he passed away at end of August. Two days after his funeral, my Mum passed away to rejoin him after 61 years married. I stayed in Jersey to sort out the Estates.
    It's been an eventful year but I'm finally getting things in order.
    The local charity are extremely grateful to everyone who helped towards making it a great Wee Kend.

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    Well done Sid, I'm sorry to hear of your recent losses.

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    Well done Sid and all involved in making the event such a huge success, a fantastic amount raised for the local disabled group

    Sorry to hear about your parents passing.

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    What they say Sid ... if I ever meet you the biers on me

    Tours, training or custom made earplugs ... it's all here.

    "If you want the rainbow then you have to put up with a little rain" Dolly Parton

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    Well done Sid, sounds like you have had a tough year mate.
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    Well done Sid and Anne. I am very sorry to hear of the bad news regarding your parents.
    I hope next year and beyond the bad luck will leave yer and yer life gets back OK.
    yer a good man to be doing this event for such a worthy cause, hoping to help with the setting up next year ( cheeky grin )

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    Bet this is one year you'll be glad to see the back of.

    So sorry for the loss of your parents.

    Hope 2017 is much better for you...

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