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Thread: Action cameras.

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    Post Action cameras.

    Fancy one of these in an amateur way. Stick it some where on the bike and press record. Same with digital video and still cameras or your mini tablets and smart phone. It is great to take lots of photos or short videos but, for me anyway, I end up not doing it and leave it behind or in the pocket.
    But now, I see GoPro are losing money on the high end cameras due to the plethora of cheap alternatives. And there is definitely others on the market. People have a choice.
    From £40 to £400. The internet shops are awash with so many to choose from. The new Hero5 is no doubt the bees knees but, I would like to know who has tried the cheaper models, there good and bad points. WiFi or not, remote control or not, resolution (fps) or picture quality. Bike powered or battery only.

    Lets have a thread on the subject. Action cameras are getting as popular as GPS's on bikes.
    And it is something else to praise or moan about a model someone has bought cos it was cheap.
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    Drift HD Ghost for me, the remote with the big buttons makes it a doddle to use. 3 hours battery life for both camera & remote. They can be connected to a 12V supply but the remote loses it's colour codeing with regard to letting you know what function it is set on because the LED turns red.
    It has a different colour LED for each of the 4 functions on the camera. Video, still photos... etc....
    It will take still shots whilst recording video too.
    The rotating lens is a clever feature, just mount it and then rotate the lens so the picture is always straight.
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    Go pro are the best, thats why film crew's use them, I have had various ones., Drift Stealth are also good quality, however I know a few have had reliability issues.
    I would recommend a Go Pro something like a Hero 3 would be suit and can be picked up at reasonable money and will last a long time with super quality.

    Some friends have tried the cheap Chinese copies and all have had reliability issues, they are alright if you are happy for them to last 6 months, but they you will bin them.
    Just my humble opinion.


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    What he says

    Tours, training or custom made earplugs ... it's all here.

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    I'm on my third replacement Drift stealth camera. Constant issues with freezing etc. It's a shame because the quality is excellent.

    The customer after-care is shocking, the worst I've experienced in the past few years.

    Avoid if possible.

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    I have drift stealth 2 which is similar to the ghost but much smaller, still has the rotating lens, wifi viewing on a phone, lots of mounts, water resistant without the case but waterproof with it. I have mine mounted on the side of my lid and it's pretty discreet compared to a go pro. Quality is excellent and can be hard wired for constant recording like a dash cam. Works well with the led remote and easy to use. Not had any issues with freezing so far and it's been used in a lot of pretty bad weather and never failed

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