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Thread: Courtesy bike requirements - Query?

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    Courtesy bike requirements - Query?

    Booking my bike in for a service at my local dealer (HF Inverness), I was asked - actually told - to complete a DVLA Driver License Check and bring the print-out or code with me when I turned up to drop my bike off/pick up the courtesy bike (see link below for what I was given and told to complete).

    I have in the past had to bring my license with me but this is new, has anyone else had to do this?

    I assume it's to show risk related to giving a courtesy bike out but does it open the door for them to say Naaah! Sorry you're too 'risky'!?!

    I hasten to add, my license is currently 100% clean :-)


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    It's normal now since the paper counterpart was done away with.

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    This is simply for their "safety" in relation to insurance and making sure that when you tell them you have a clean licence and or X number of points its all true ... I digress but this is policy in The Met Police (just retired) and they would check your driving permits were up to date and every now and again "require" you to bring in your DL to ensure that you had coughed to any points you may have picked up .. too many no drivey.. of course Met officers being Met Officers would bring in duplicate paperwork or an "old" licence or even someone else's. Nothing to worry about ... enjoy the courtesy bike !

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    Never blagged a courtesy bike...I always get stung with a £20 quid rental charge...

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