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Thread: Got me a Tracer 900

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    Got me a Tracer 900

    The 2013 GS has been bugging me lately. The winter months have taken its toll on the engine and drive shaft paint. Some of the micro switches on the bars haven't functioned straight away. Silly things start playing tricks on your mind - especially now it was 22,000 miles further down the road than when I started and no warranty.
    Ever since the Tracer arrived, I had always fancied a go.
    A couple of weeks ago a test ride was arranged on a 2017 model. I had no preconceived ideas and went with an open mind.
    First thoughts when moving it were how light it was - and we haven't got going yet.
    The Tracer just dips the revs when finding the bite point of the clutch (which means it stalls much easier.) The GS clutch has a satisfying mechanical feel to the bite point.
    The seat is hard which highlights how good a standard GS seat is.
    I could barely hear the engine running whereas the GS had a full exhaust with baffle out.
    It felt nice and light getting out of town but so does the GS.
    Straight away the standard screen was annoying with its buffeting (in any position). To be fair I had the same issue with the GS and bought an MSA screen which is brilliant.
    Considering the Tracer is 300cc down but has 1 cylinder more it goes very nicely. It does lack the initial drive of the GS but gains in the top end rush.
    Its definitely a B road hustler and loves to be chucked into corners. The lack of weight over the GS became more obvious on familiar roads. And it wheelies very easily.
    I know all the bumps on my usual ride to work and the GS will happily lift its front wheel when cresting them, but the Tracer was finding others due to the lack of weight.
    Braking was weird at first due to the normal front fork configuration. The GS just slows down level whilst the YAM wants to pitch down. Just need to re-calibrate your riding style.
    I like the fact its a relatively simple bike. OK it has ABS and TCS, but that's it.
    I've had 3 and a half years and 50,000 on 2 GS's and they've been great bikes.
    The deal was done and the Tracer was picked up on Saturday - we're gonna get along just fine.

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    I went the opposite way, suspension was just too crude for me.

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    Enjoy it, they have had a good reception in the bike press, a change is good for the soul.
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    My brother is selling a stunning Tracer if anybody interested. Full system , Hilltopped etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerlust View Post
    The LC is probably one of the highest quality and longest lasting bikes currently on sale today.

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    Just got back from work and the Tracer is a B road blaster. OK, the suspension is not as good as the GS, but i think the Tracer makes up for that in other areas. Yamaha do supply Ohlins as an option though......
    I've already spoken with Geoff about the fueling being remapped - just got to get the first 1000 miles run in and service carried out.
    Not sure which full system to go for. The Leo Vince system keeps the centre stand and the GS version i had was perfectly ok.

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    Pictures not working for me ??

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    Sometimes here, sometimes there...
    nor me...

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    Enjoy your new bike. Keep an eye on the finish, as my friends Tracer is 2 years old, and has corrosion on the mirror arms, centre & side stand, and a lot of the fasteners. The engine seems to be corrosion free, so they're one step ahead of BMW though.

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    If you keep it under a cover watch the paint on the front fairing ad mt mates has worn through after 7 months..But he is still maddly in love with it😃🌹💝

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    For the price you can sort out the suspension and still have a bargain. When I had my Wilbers fitted at Revs they said they do a lot of Yamaha MT variants.

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