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Thread: Wiring question, help please? Aux LED spots into High Beam

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    Wiring question, help please? Aux LED spots into High Beam


    I have a 2012 GS and would like to put a pair of aux LED spotlights that I have unused on my light bar, and somehow wire them into the High beam circuit.

    I'd like to do this as I ride daily down single track lanes from the village at night and really like to have this in the bikes arsenal!

    I've tried this afternoon to do this but each time I switch on the high beam with the LED spots, I get a 'LAMPF' error and I have to switch off ignition and restart bike, etc.

    What's wrong with it please? How do I solve it and connect them up?

    I know it sounds stupid, but can someone do me a quick diagram please?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like a canbus problem. Wire them via a relay switched by the high beam circuit


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    The system is seeing a bulb error because it's picking up that your load is out of threshold. Are you connecting to the main beam circuit using a relay or putting the side lights directly onto the main beam wire?

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    I've had a very similar issue when trying to replace the high beam bulb with an LED version, that too came up with the 'LAMPF'. To monitor the bulb state, the bike monitors the voltage drop across the circuit (think wheatstone bridge), the issue is that the LED's have a much lower resistance than the headlight bulb.

    As suggested by sanqhar, if you take a feed off the high beam wire on to one side of the coil of a relay, the other side of the coil to the battery negative. The relay will then operate (energise) as you turn the high beam on. Take a feed (fused) direct from the battery positive to the C (common) terminal on the relay or the NO (normally open) terminal if there are only 2 terminals. Wire the other side of the relay to the LED lights (positive) and the LED negative goes back to the battery. It is probably worth connecting a reversed biased (wrong war round) diode across the coil terminals of the relay to prevent any back EMF from causing issues with the bikes electronics.

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