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Thread: Will not start when in gear and clutch engaged.

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    Will not start when in gear and clutch engaged.

    all of a sudden the bike won't allow me to start unless in Neutral when pulling in the clutch level fully!

    I've tried lots of combinations and have full battery, yet it will not start unless in neutral

    Any Ideas?



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    Check your gear indicator is working correctly. I had something similar on a 2008 GSA thought initially it was water ingress into the indicator sensor but in the end had to change the sensor/sender on the back of the gearbox then all was OK accept my pocket, BMW relieved me of £130. If you do replace the sensor seal the small plug with silicon sealer to be sure its watertight. You may get away with spraying the sensor with WD40 etc.


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    Wasn't there a similar thread a day or two ago. Check the micro switch on the clutch lever is, erm, switching. It can be adjusted. Also check side switch. If not that and you have access to a GS911 get onto the realtime values programme and it will tell you what state it thinks each switch is in, from which you should be able to diagnose which is playing up.

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    Have a look at my post in 1200 hexhead. Re bike won't start in gear.


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