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Thread: Schuberth C4 & SC-1 Comms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooperman View Post
    Mine had it's debut run this weekend in a very mixed weather trip.

    The bugs.

    I like to ride visor open. This keeps shutting in turbulence and so will need to investigate the O ring solution.

    Connectivity. It would connect seamlessly with the Gamin sat nav and my iPhone, but then had a tendency to drop needing me to go into the nav bluetooth menu to reconnect.
    My experiences on a couple of your points;
    After fitting a tanker screen a lot less turbulence means my visor stays open even at high speeds,
    Mine will quite often drop the Bluetooth Connectivity also, carry on riding and it will re-connect on its own after a short while.
    Overall though a great helmet, Jonno
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    Used mine today in heavy rain and it leaks like a sieve.Water runs down inside the visor.
    I’m not impressed.Never had a Shoei leak in over 30 years.

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    SC1 firmware v1.1

    Hey all, I have the same trouble with muffled sound above ~45mph; that's how I found this forum.

    SC1 firmware has been updated to v1.1. I wrote Sena support to ask about the changes. They wrote back:

    • HD intercom
    • Group Intercom
    • Storing a pairing list with up to 3 devices for remote controls
    • Changed the default setting of Audio Boost to disabled
    • Removed the headset button operation of Speed Dial
    • Minor bug fixes in FM radio with GPS instruction

    Not exactly descriptive, but I thought I'd save some people some time/wondering. Too cold to test anything quite yet.

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    C4 Pinlock replacements.....FREE


    If you check the Schuberth facebook page they have said that they are replacing C4 anti fog lens with a PINLOCK version free of charge. Register with your dealers by the looks of it. Hope this helps any of you that are suffering. I only purchased a C4 & comms kit yesterday so I hope that they have sorted the issues mentioned in this thread!!


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    Just updated SC1 to latest firmware 1.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smogbob View Post
    Just updated SC1 to latest firmware 1.2
    Hi Smogbob
    Did you notice a difference?
    I updated this weekend and I thought that it was a little louder although my missus still can’t hear me very well when going over say 50mph but I think this is more to do with distortion

    I am still looking for a list of the options that need to be ticked in the firmware to achieve the best performance like the Audio Boost or Vox options etc?

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